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Dell PowerEdge 1550 needs graphics card

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hello I have a Dell PowerEdge 1550 server and I really need to install a graphics card in it to do what I want to do.

It has 2 PCI-X slots I see but I am told that the second slot is actually used by the RAID controller and there it a fibre card in the other for connecting to the harddrive towers which I don't use much. The Card also needs to have some audio capablities and ports.

I plan to run a openlife server through it and need to be able to bring the viewer up to manage some of the properties.

Pentium III/933 processor, ServerWorks ServerSet III HE-SL chipset, 2Gb of 133MHz SDRAM , Adaptec AIC-7899G Ultra160 SCSI chipset, 3 Ç 9.1Gb Seagate Cheetah Ultra160 hard disks in hot-plug carriers, two Intel Pro100+ adaptor chipsets, Dell PERC 3/DCL PCI RAID controller card with 64Mb of cache memory, 24x TEAC CD-ROM, ATi Rage XL graphics chipset with 4Mb of memory, Intel Pro100+ server adaptor PCI card, rack kit included. Dell Server Assistant, FAST and OpenManage software bundled.


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