Anyone need a job WPB area? (PHP Coder + Linux Admin)

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ATTN MODS: if this is considered a "no-no" then please delete it and accept my apology.


I havent been on here in ages (glad to see that the site hasnt disappeared), so please excuse my post, not trying to spam or anything in any way. Just figured that id like to "help a brotha out" from BinRev, since many of the (old skool) members are South Florida residents.

So, basically, I work for a datacenter in West Palm Beach, FL. We're looking for another guy for the early day shift (around the lines of 6am-2pm or so) that is well versed in PHP/MySQL, as well as basic linux administration, and basic TCP/IP knowledge. Basic Cisco IOS skills would be a big plus, but not required per se. "Thinking outside the box" and being a good self-teacher is what matters most.

Its a really chill and relaxed environment, we're just looking for someone to help out in the morning, and preferably be on hand to help with some PHP coding and site maintenance, and hopefully be able to perform some basic linux tasks such as install fresh distros, config network settings, manage some basic apache stuff, minor DNS here and there, etc etc, you know the drill im sure.

Not necessarily looking for someone with 100 years of PHP experience and a PhD in computer science, if you're young thats fine (Im probably younger anyway) :P

I know its tough being unemployed so if you are in Palm Beach County Florida and you fit the description, shoot me an email at fragtheweak@gmail.com. I dont really even need a resume as long as you give me a decent description of yourself, but if you have one made already thats fine too.

Thanks. :D


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