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My Local Test Numbers

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Alright, as I was stumbling around on google, I came across a site that had test numbers for my area code.

The Descriptions for the test numbers were:

Quiet Test

Milliwatt Test

Sync Test

105 Test

Open Test

108 Test

Loop Around

Are any of these of interest to a phreaker? What are the possibilites?

Echo :borg:


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Was it by any chance that 1000 page PDF from


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I still want to know what the fuck the 105 and 108 tests are.


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can i have the url for that pleez?

...Quiet Test...

quiet lines are used for tests? i thought they where some kind of an anonmoly


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Well, quiet lines are used to test the noise on a line. Its easy to use, too...just call it and listen. If it's not quiet, then you nned to call up repair. As for the 105 test and 108 test, I had some docz on those, but I forgot about them. I'll have to check them out a little later.


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I'd like to see those 108, and 105 docs, send them to me please!


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A looong number list for phreaking pleasure


ANACs/ANIs and Ringbacks:


(514) 320-0047 Slow ANAC for Montreal, Quebec.

(514) 320-1147 Fast ANAC for Montreal, Quebec.

(519) 748-3220 Viewer's Choice order line for Kitchener. (press 1 for ANI)

(613) 320-2232 ANI for Ottawa, Ontario.

1-800-346-0152 ANI.

1-800-42562563 (1-800-4-BLOCKME) VRS Billing Systems and IntegriTel offers

free 1-800 blocking and ANAC.

1-800-487-9240 ANI (doesn't work from 519)

1-800-514-9939 ANI (doesn't work from 416/519)

1-800-532-7486 ANI (Hit option 1, then option 1 again then listen)

1-800-555-1160 ANI (always busy now...)

1-800-555-1170 ANI (always busy now...)

1-800-569-5699 ANI (press 5*#) (now requires a valid authorization code)

1-800-638-2392 Press "2" for ANI info.

320-XXX-XXXX Ringback for Montreal, Quebec.

507-XXX-XXXX Ringback for Alberta.

590-XXX-XXXX Ringback for 204 NPA.

999-XXX-XXXX Ringback for 519 NPA.

999-XXX-XXXX Ringback for North Bay, Ontario (705)

999-XXX-XXXX Ringback for Ottawa, Ontario (613)

999-XXX-XXXX Ringback for portions of Toronto, Ontario (416)




1-800-222-0300 AT&T Main Number.

1-800-222-0400 AT&T Custom Care Centre (for long distance service)

1-800-222-1000 AT&T Customer Care Center.

1-800-222-3000 AT&T Customer Service.

1-800-225-5288 (1-800-CALL-ATT)

1-800-235-4288 AT&T America.

1-800-242-6005 AT&T Internet Services.

1-800-255-1242 AT&T Customer Information Center (Canada)

1-800-268-5931 AT&T Wireless Service VMB.

1-800-268-5939 AT&T (Operator)

1-800-331-3449 AT&T Employee Line (Lists AT&T Job openings)

1-800-348-8288 AT&T Shareholder Services.

1-800-351-5855 AT&T Helpdesk.

1-800-387-1926 AT&T Personal Info Line.

1-800-387-4268 AT&T Canada.

1-800-423-4343 AT&T Universal Card.

1-800-425-5288 AT&T Products and Services.

1-800-428-8468 AT&T Global Services Center.

1-800-428-8669 (1-800-4ATT-NOW) AT&T Personal Network Sales Center.

1-800-432-6600 AT&T Customer Information Center (USA)

1-800-438-3151 AT&T Wireless, Job Line.

1-800-443-8288 (1-800-GIFT-ATT) AT&T Gift Certificates.

1-800-446-7466 (1-800-4GOPHONE) AT&T Wireless GoPhone Services.

1-800-483-9288 AT&T and Texaco's Information Line.

1-800-522-2157 AT&T Investigations Department.

1-800-525-7955 AT&T Direct Call Cards.

1-800-538-5345 AT&T Slamming Resolution Center.

1-800-555-8111 AT&T Consumer Lease Services.

1-800-562-2255 AT&T 1-800 Directory Advertising

1-800-562-6275 AT&T Message Sender (Send an automated message to any number in

the world with your voice. Accepts calling cards & credit cards)

1-800-562-7288 (1-800-JOBS-ATT) AT&T Employee Line. (U.S. only.)

1-800-575-9999 AT&T Canada.

1-800-634-8078 AT&T Billing Office/Accounts info.

1-800-643-2255 AT&T Translation Service. (Foreign languages only)

1-800-662-6214 AT&T Calling Card Protection line.

1-800-662-7759 AT&T Universal Card.

1-800-670-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.

1-800-673-7286 AT&T 1-800-OPERATOR. Specializes in collect calls. Automated.

1-800-732-2255 AT&T High Seas Radio Telephone and Mobile Satellite Services.

1-800-790-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.

1-800-820-6464 AT&T Digital Long Distance/ISDN Services.

1-800-822-9009 AT&T Corporate Security, internal investigations.

1-800-830-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.

1-800-833-3232 AT&T ACS Long Distance Bill Inquiries.

1-800-850-TIES AT&T. Call to setup Easy Reach 800s.

1-800-855-1155 AT&T LDRS Directory Assistance. (TTY Carrier for the deaf)

1-800-855-2880 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (TTY)

1-800-855-2881 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (automated/voice)

1-800-855-2882 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (TTY)

1-800-855-2883 AT&T Long Distance Relay Service (TTY)

1-800-858-9857 AT&T True Rewards (option 1)

1-800-878-3123 (1-800-TRUE-123) AT&T True Messages Service.

1-800-889-4408 AT&T NCC (Network Control Center) and TCC.

1-800-958-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.

1-800-967-5363 AT&T Worldnet Service.

1-800-970-2255 AT&T Canada Long Distance Services.

1-800-998-3947 AT&T Authorized Stocking Distributor/Zack Electronics.

1-800-GIFT-ATT AT&T Gift Certificates (extension 410) (Mon-Fri, 9-5)

1-800-WORLDNET (1-800-96753638) AT&T Canada Internet Service.

1-888-288-1233 AT&T Internet Service.

1-888-928-8932 (1-888-9ATT-WEB) AT&T Online Customer Service.




1-800-221-0994 Ameritech Cellular and Paging.

1-800-244-4444 Ameritech Customer Billing Office (works outside of Illinois)

1-800-323-7311 Ameritech Capital Services.

1-800-327-3470 Ameritech Advertising Services.

1-800-475-7449 Ameritech Pay Phone Repair.

1-800-493-7243 Ameritech Quick Reach Pager Services.

1-800-553-9591 Ameritech Pages Plus Advertising.

1-800-660-3000 Ameritech Small Business Services.

1-800-821-0173 Ameritech Cellular and Paging Services.

1-800-873-5501 Ameritech's automated billing (RBOC)

1-800-AMERITECH Ameritech.

1-888-AMERITECH Ameritech.




310-BELL Bell Canada Customer Services. (toll free)

1-416-555-1313 Bell's local CN/A office for Toronto.

1-915-683-9145 Southwestern Bell Employee Locator (Automated)

1-800-221-4393 Bell Atlantic VMB.

1-800-225-5180 Bell Canada Client Service Center.

1-800-225-5400 Bell Atlantic.

1-800-225-5792 Southwestern Bell Wireless National Services.

1-800-238-8636 Bell Labs.

1-800-244-2355 Bell Atlantic's Interactive Demo Center.

1-800-253-5011 Bell Mobility Paging.

1-800-255-2255 Bell Atlantic 1-800-255-CALL.

1-800-256-2355 Bell Nexxia. (after hours Octel VMB)

1-800-257-5554 Bell Atlantic Services/Computer Repair.

1-800-263-3899 Bell Mobility Customer Service.

1-800-263-7412 Bell Canada Millennium Help Line.

1-800-263-8394 Bell Mobility.

1-800-265-0123 Bell Mobility Ardis Division Sales.

1-800-267-0123 Bell Mobility's Automated Express Lane System. (reports EST)

1-800-267-2355 Bell Mobility Quebec.

1-800-267-6574 Bell Canada Datapac Service Center.

1-800-267-7640 Bell Canada's Ident-a-call demonstration line. (Press "*" to

access the VMS)

1-800-268-1720 Bell Canada Multimedia.

1-800-268-2355 Bell Mobility Ottawa Office.

1-800-268-5933 Bell Canada Quickchange Deptartment.

1-800-268-9100 Bell Canada 1-900, 976, Information Line (they send faxes)

1-800-268-9107 Bell Canada Customer Care.

1-800-268-9160 Bell Canada Information Service Line.

1-800-270-2355 Business Consulting Group of Bell Canada.

1-800-275-2355 (1-800-275-BELL) Bell Atlantic Repair.

1-800-285-2355 BellSouth.

1-800-297-2355 Bell Atlantic's Major Customer Center.

1-800-323-6628 Bell Laboratories.

1-800-327-8412 Bell Atlantic Professional Services.

1-800-331-9948 Bell Canada Relay Service Customer Comment Line.

1-800-361-3489 Bell Canada Customer Billing Center.

1-800-361-7874 Bell Canada Millennium (Unknown)

1-800-363-2355 Bell Canada's Total Solution Center for Business.

1-800-363-9612 Bell Technical Services.

1-800-369-2355 Cellular One.

1-800-381-2355 Cellular One.

1-800-387-9571 Bell Mobility Radio.

1-800-407-2355 John with Southwest Bell Wireless.

1-800-416-9639 Bell Atlantic Help Desk.

1-800-419-2355 BellSouth. (Spanish)

1-800-436-8638 BellSouth Internet Home. (U.S. only)

1-800-439-2355 Direct Bell. (wireless communications)

1-800-441-1267 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.

1-800-443-6200 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.

1-800-446-7835 Northern Telecom (Nortel) (The People Who Make Millenniums)

1-800-447-2688 BC Tel Mobility's EasyTouch Service.

1-800-451-6549 BellSouth Customer Service.

1-800-453-4539 Pacific Bell Directory Major Market. (U.S. only)

1-800-461-1747 Bell Canada Millennium (Voice Test)

1-800-461-1760 Bell Canada Millennium (Unknown)

1-800-461-1879 Bell Canada Millennium (Data Test)

1-800-461-2921 Bell Canada Smart Touch Information Line.

1-800-465-2355 Bell Mobility.

1-800-466-7835 (1-800-4-NORTEL) Nortel Networks. (Northern Telecom)

1-800-468-6792 (1-800-GO-TO-SWB) Southwestern Bell's Employee Locator.

1-800-470-2355 Bell Mobility.

1-800-472-9773 Telus (Payphone Dept.)

1-800-479-2977 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.

1-800-487-2355 Cellular One Customer Service.

1-800-491-2355 Pacific Link Communications Mississauga (Bell Mobility Center)

1-800-4PB-ISDN Pacific Bell FasTrak DSL Center. (U.S. only)

1-800-514-2355 Cellular One's Welcome line.

1-800-521-2673 Bellcore.

1-800-522-6909 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages and Advertising Services.

1-800-526-4611 Bell Atlantic Telecom Vendor's Service Leasing Dept.

1-800-528-2355 Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages Business Office.

1-800-538-4747 Bell Atlantic Mobile.

1-800-541-1229 BellSouth Financial Services.

1-800-555-1111 Bell LD. 3 way calling, calling card and many other features.

1-800-556-2355 Bell Atlantic Communications.

1-800-561-2355 Bell Mobility. (French)

1-800-561-4459 NBTel's NBNet Support line.

1-800-563-0624 Telus Fax.

1-800-565-4737 IslandTel Business Office.

1-800-567-2355 Cellular One.

1-800-567-2448 Bell Canada Millennium (Test Line)

1-800-567-9633 Bell Canada (I think it's the main switchboard)

1-800-575-2355 BC Telus Help Center.

1-800-600-2355 Southwestern Bell.

1-800-604-2355 Cellular One.

1-800-611-6500 Bell Mobility Cellular.

1-800-631-2355 Bell Atlantic Shareowner Services.

1-800-636-2355 Bell Atlantic Communications.

1-800-647-NEWS Bell Atlantic Employee News line. (Daily recorded messages)

1-800-652-2355 Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages.

1-800-660-2355 Bell Atlantic Mobile's Loyalty Management Services Department.

1-800-661-2355 BC Tel Mobility Customer Service.

1-800-661-4260 Telus advertising.

1-800-663-1440 BC Tel Call Center/Accounts.

1-800-663-2455 BC Tel Mobility Customer Service Department.

1-800-667-0123 Bell Mobility's Automated Express Lane System.

1-800-667-5801 SaskTel International Head Office.

1-800-668-0911 BCE Mobile Communications Inc.

1-800-668-2355 Bell Canada.

1-800-668-4862 Bell Canada Millennium (Coin)

1-800-668-6851 Bell Canada Millennium (Alarm)

1-800-668-6878 Bell Direct. (U.S. and Canada)

1-800-668-9090 Bell Information Systems Repair Service.

1-800-668-9608 Bell Canada Switch Control Centre.

1-800-668-9716 Bell Canada Employment Centre. (Press "*" to access VMS)

1-800-670-2355 Communication One (authorized agent of Cellular One)

1-800-684-2255 Nortel's Meridian Home Office Support/Info.

1-800-722-2300 Nynex President Switchboard.

1-800-724-4443 Bell Sympatico.

1-800-727-2231 Bell Atlantic.

1-800-733-2355 BellSouth Phones.

1-800-735-3030 Cincinnati Bell Long Distance.

1-800-753-0223 BellSouth order line.

1-800-767-2355 BellSouth automated billing services.

1-800-772-2141 Bell Canada Millennium (Setshop)

1-800-773-2121 Sympatico Customer Service. (Bell Canada's internet service)

1-800-775-2355 BellSouth Phones.

1-800-782-8353 Pacific Bell (to report any pay phone crimes)

1-800-792-2665 (1-800-SWB-BOOK) Southwestern Bell Directory Source.

1-800-830-2355 Bell Atlantic Mobile.

1-800-832-6338 BellSouth Memory Call Service.

1-800-833-7477 Nortel Networks.

1-800-842-1558 BellSouth Benefits Service Center.

1-800-843-2255 Bell Atlantic Small Business Direct Response Center.

1-800-847-7303 Bell Minor Hockey Hotline.

1-800-848-8000 Pacific Bell Directory Smart Resource. (U.S. only)

1-800-858-9413 BellSouth ISDN order line.

1-800-922-0204 Bell Atlantic Mobile.

1-800-925-0049 BellSouth Equipment/Customer Changes. (U.S. only)

1-800-925-2525 BellSouth Business.

1-800-933-2355 Fulfillment plus. (agent of Pacific Bell)

1-800-934-2255 Bell Atlantic.

1-800-936-6245 IslandTel. (IslandTel Express="1")

1-800-957-9999 Bell Canada Long Distance.

1-800-BELL-SOUTH (Collect, Calling Card and Credit Card calls)

1-800-CELL-ONE Cellular One. (U.S. only)

1-800-REWARDS Bell Canada Rewards.

1-877-344-3330 BC Tel Mobility.

1-877-499-1260 Bell Canada's Smart Touch Promotion Line.

1-877-4PERCALL Bell Canada's (Dis)Advantage Per Call.

1-877-723-4400 Bell Mobility Totalcom.

1-877-FIRSTRATE Bell FirstRate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.

1-888-201-2355 BellSouth Benefit Enrollment System.

1-888-203-2355 BellSouth.

1-888-206-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-208-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-217-6540 Bell Mobility Service.

1-888-219-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-221-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-223-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-242-2355 Bell (Spanish)

1-888-264-2355 (1-888-ANI-BELL) Bell Atlantic Caller ID.

1-888-308-5640 Bell Mobility Paging.

1-888-327-2355 BellSouth Mobility Area Code Reprogramming Department.

1-888-333-4454 Bell Equipement D Imprimerie.

1-888-345-2355 Cellular One Dispatch.

1-888-377-2355 Bell Firstrate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.

1-888-378-2355 Bell Canada's Ontario Direct Marketing Center.

1-888-383-2355 BellSouth Cellular Fraud Prevention Center.

1-888-388-2355 Bell Direct in Canada. (the same as 310-BELL)

1-888-4-662453 (1-888-4-MOBILE) Bell Mobility Cellular.

1-888-442-0222 Bell Mobility Accounts Receivable.

1-888-455-2355 Southwestern Bell. NIS any longer.

1-888-462-8033 BellSouth COCOT repair.

1-888-522-2355 Cellular One.

1-888-543-2355 BellSouth Internet Business.

1-888-562-2355 Cellular One's Job Hotline.

1-888-677-2355 Bell Atlantic View at One Support.

1-888-681-2355 Cellular One.

1-888-685-2355 BC Tel Multiple Option Messaging.

1-888-730-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-739-2737 (1-888-REWARDS) Bell Canada.

1-888-741-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-743-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-745-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-749-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-751-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-755-2355 Pacific Bell Equipment.

1-888-775-2355 Pacific Bell Equipment.

1-888-781-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-782-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-788-2355 Bell Canada Business Consulting Group.

1-888-837-1668 BellSouth Telecom Rental Services.

1-888-867-7587 (1-888-TMS-PLUS) Telus.

1-888-904-2355 Bell Firstrate Interactive Information and Enrollment Service.

1-888-905-2284 BC Tel Interactive Business Solutions.

1-888-969-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-983-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-984-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-985-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-986-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-988-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-989-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-990-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-992-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-993-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-996-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-997-2355 Bell Atlantic.

1-888-CELLPHONE Cellular One.




1-800-225-5160 GTE Corporation Teleservicing System.

1-800-225-5483 (1-800-CALL-GTE) GTE Long Distance.

1-800-272-3466 GTE Telecom.

1-800-346-5800 GTE Business Sales Center.

1-800-347-5665 GTE Express. (Cellular)

1-800-366-4385 GTE Personnel-only question line (800-FON-GTE5)

1-800-366-5665 GTE Express. (Cellular)

1-800-428-8722 GTE Superpages Internet Services.

1-800-445-5288 GTE Business Sales Center.

1-800-483-1000 (1-800-GTE-1000) GTE Repair Center.

1-800-483-2273 (1-800-GTE-CARD) GTE Calling Card Services.

1-800-483-3000 GTE Billing Center.

1-800-483-3600 GTE North Customer Billing Center.

1-800-483-4000 GTE California Customer Service Ordering Center.

1-800-483-4839 GTE Business Response Center.

1-800-483-5000 GTE California Business Sales Center.

1-800-483-5288 GTE Headquarters in Irving, TX.

1-800-483-5400 GTE Business Sales Center.

1-800-483-5559 GTE.

1-800-483-5781 GTE Wireless.

1-800-483-7243 (1-800-GTE-PAGE) GTE Paging.

1-800-483-7479 GTE Hawaiian Tel's Business Sales Center.

1-800-527-2558 GTE Business Response Center.

1-800-643-0997 GTE Bank Card Center.

1-800-670-9320 GTE Paging.

1-800-727-2355 GTE Wireless.

1-800-787-9689 GTE Customer Service.

1-800-877-5665 GTE Express. (Cellular)

1-800-888-8448 GTE Directory Order Center.


MCI WorldCom:


1-800-225-5888 MCI WorldCom Operator Services.

1-800-254-8991 MCI WorldCom Customer Service. (U.S. only)

1-800-264-1000 MCI WorldCom Customer Service.

1-800-265-5328 MCI's 1-800-COLLECT. Automated collect calls.

1-800-267-7320 Network MCI

1-800-270-6245 WorldCom VMS. ("Please enter the # sign followed by your BN")

1-800-275-0200 MCI WorldCom Residential/Business Customer Service.

1-800-275-1234 MCI Worldcom. Accepts calling cards for phone calls.

1-800-333-1000 MCI WorldCom Commercial Customer Service.

1-800-333-2000 MCI WorldCom.

1-800-333-5000 MCI WorldCom Residential Service.

1-800-336-0149 MCI WorldCom Global Product Support.

1-800-432-4557 MCI WorldCom Account Services. (U.S. only)

1-800-444-1111 MCI WorldCom's Global Technical Service Center.

1-800-444-3333 MCI Customer Service. (U.S. only)

1-800-444-4444 MCI WorldCom.

1-800-444-6242 MCI.

1-800-444-6245 MCI Mail Messaging and Technical Support.

1-800-444-7000 MCI WorldCom St. Louis Business Market Sales Office.

1-800-455-1605 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-2957 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-4215 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-5469 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-6084 Network MCI Interactive Paging Service.

1-800-455-6504 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-6513 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-6780 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-6834 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-7806 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-7854 Network MCI System.

1-800-455-7920 Network MCI System.

1-800-475-0138 MCI WorldCom.

1-800-475-5628 MCI WorldCom Paging System.

1-800-475-9321 MCI WorldCom.

1-800-483-4929 Network MCI System.

1-800-483-8784 Network MCI System.

1-800-539-2000 MCI WorldCom Business Services.

1-800-555-4668 Network MCI System.

1-800-627-2355 MCI WorldCom Administrative Offices.

1-800-637-2255 MCI WorldCom.

1-800-645-2355 MCI WorldCom.

1-800-666-1904 MCI WorldCom. (U.S. only)

1-800-666-2613 MCI Worldcom.

1-800-674-2355 MCI WorldCom (calling card calls)

1-800-688-4889 MCI National Relay Service in the U.S. (TTY)

1-800-701-9358 MCI WorldCom. (U.S. only)

1-800-701-9360 MCI WorldCom. (U.S. only)

1-800-724-3624 (1-800-PAGE-MCI) MCI WorldCom Paging System.

1-800-727-5555 MCI Small Business Accounts. (U.S. only)

1-800-848-4480 MCI WorldCom Network Assistance. (modem)

1-800-864-4060 MCI WorldCom Wholesale Services.

1-800-872-7654 MCI WorldCom's EDI Group.

1-800-876-8581 Network MCI.

1-800-877-8000 MCI.

1-800-877-9320 Network MCI.

1-800-888-8000 MCI WorldCom automated calling card calls.

1-800-944-0700 MCI WorldCom Wireless.

1-800-947-8642 MCI National Relay Service in the U.S. (voice)

1-800-950-1022 MCI Worldcom Customer Service.

1-800-COLLECT MCI WorldCom automated collect calls.

1-800-SUNDAYS MCI WorldCom.

1-800-WORLDCOM WorldCom.

1-888-575-2355 MCI WorldCom.

1-888-624-2355 MCI WorldCom.

1-888-655-2355 Network MCI Contact.

1-888-724-3624 (1-888-PAGE-MCI) MCI WorldCom Paging System.




1-800-227-9892 Sprint.

1-800-256-8340 Sprint Canada.

1-800-277-7468 Sprint Phone Card and Collect calls.

1-800-308-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-336-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-359-2255 Sprint Voice Phone Card.

1-800-366-0707 Sprint Pre-Paid Card Customer Service.

1-800-366-2255 Sprint automated LD calling (U.S. and Canada)

1-800-455-4602 Sprint PCS.

1-800-456-9711 Sprint Canada Customer Service.

1-800-467-7746 Sprint.

1-800-480-4727 (1-800-480-4PCS) Sprint PCS.

1-800-505-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-506-8268 Sprint Canada.

1-800-515-6678 (1-800-515-MOST) Sprint Canada.

1-800-522-9320 Sprint Canada.

1-800-540-4516 Sprint Canada.

1-800-546-2500 Sprint's online directory of SprintNet local access numbers.

1-800-546-6000 SprintNet's In-WATS Service.

1-800-548-8120 Sprint Canada.

1-800-555-2800 Sprint (Spanish)

1-800-570-2255 Sprint Business Service Center.

1-800-571-6678 (1-800-571-MOST) Sprint Canada.

1-800-575-2255 Sprint Canada's Business Sales Office in Halifax.

1-800-581-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-597-1195 Sprint Canada.

1-800-597-9765 Sprint Canada.

1-800-666-6999 Sprint Canada.

1-800-674-7000 Sprint.

1-800-680-6678 (1-800-680-MOST) Sprint Canada.

1-800-714-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-736-1130 SprintNet data network products and services.

1-800-746-3767 (1-800-PIN-DROP) Sprint. (U.S. only)

1-800-777-4681 (1-800-SPRINT-1) Sprint Paging.

1-800-777-4683 (1-800-SPRINT-3) Sprint Selections.

1-800-801-6678 (1-800-801-MOST) Sprint Canada.

1-800-810-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-827-4685 Sprint's Global One Customer Service Center.

1-800-830-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-841-MOST Sprint Canada.

1-800-843-6678 (1-800-THE-MOST) Sprint Canada.

1-800-873-9350 Sprint Canada.

1-800-874-5069 Sprint Canada.

1-800-877-4453 Sprint Employee News line. (U.S. only. Updated daily)

1-800-877-4646 Sprint Account/Rewards/Calling Card customer services.

1-800-877-5045 Sprint Service Management Center.

1-800-877-8000 Sprint Operator assisted calls.

1-800-877-8973 Sprint National Relay Service in the U.S. (voice/TTY)

1-800-994-6678 (1-800-994-MOST) Sprint Canada.

1-800-FON-CARD Sprint's automated calling.

1-888-254-0701 Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.

1-888-254-2927 Sprint Canada.

1-888-276-2179 Sprint PCS.

1-888-369-DATA Sprint.

1-888-490-3279 (1-888-490-EASY) Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.

1-888-510-3279 Sprint Canada.

1-888-670-3279 Sprint Canada.

1-888-675-3279 Sprint Canada.

1-888-689-3279 Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.

1-888-710-3279 Sprint Canada's "The Most" Online.

1-888-777468-249 (1-888-SPRINT-BIZ) Sprint Business Flex line.

1-888-790-3279 Sprint Canada.

1-888-IN-TOUCH Sprint "Stay in touch" Services.


US West:


(303) 896-7683 US West (Denver), automated job line.

1-800-227-2209 Enterprise US West Employee Help Line.

1-800-238-7848 US West "Air Touch" Cellular.

1-800-244-1111 US West Communications.

1-800-338-0018 US West Direct Yellow Pages.

1-800-422-8793 US West Directory Source.

1-800-455-8706 US West Repair Center for AT&T.

1-800-4US-WEST US West Card Services.

1-800-626-6611 US West "Air Touch" Cellular Customer Service.

1-800-856-3376 US West Dispatch. (U.S. only)

1-800-879-4357 US West (Western U.S.) Employee Locator.

1-800-883-6171 US West Completions and Translations. (U.S. only)


Miscellaneous Telcos, LD Carriers, Voice Mail Systems and Companies:


1-303-499-7111 Atomic Clock in Colorado.

1-800-200-0068 Call Interactive. (listen to male and female voices)

1-800-221-2255 American Airlines VMS.

1-800-221-4009 London Telcom.

1-800-222-5161 IBM Program Headquarters.

1-800-225-2255 ATM Communications. Collect, calling & credit card calls.

1-800-225-4288 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)

1-800-225-5128 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.

1-800-225-5152 Nationwide Messaging.

1-800-225-5228 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)

1-800-225-5233 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.

1-800-225-5249 (1-800-CALL-AIX) IBM AIX Support.

1-800-225-5265 1-800-COLLECT.

1-800-225-5268 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)

1-800-225-5373 3M Electronic Products Information.

1-800-225-5385 Compaq Computer Corporation.

1-800-225-5438 IDT Long Distance/Internet Services.

1-800-225-5463 Directory Assistance (800-CALL-INFO)

1-800-225-5627 (1-800-CALL-NCR) NCR Customer Support.

1-800-225-5664 NEC.

1-800-227-3663 (1-800-CAR-FONE) Ericsson.

1-800-229-1103 Gateway Technical Support Tutorial Credit Card Line.

1-800-233-3382 Novell Education Programs.

1-800-235-4008 Information America's Client Support.

1-800-242-0080 Compaq Corporation.

1-800-242-2121 Lucent Technologies (PBX systems info, VMS info on Audix, etc.)

1-800-255-3700 Nintendo.

1-800-263-0656 NCR.

1-800-263-1121 Canon.

1-800-263-2244 Sanyo On-Site.

1-800-263-3394 Apple Canada.

1-800-264-2255 InComNet National Telephone and Communications.

1-800-265-0977 NCR.

1-800-268-3997 NEC.

1-800-284-2255 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card)

1-800-288-2880 OCI.

1-800-294-0020 US Tel. (phone repairs and sales)

1-800-300-2355 NOS. (calling card, collect calls, etc.)

1-800-320-3488 Motorola Radio Network Services in San Diego, CA.

1-800-321-4044 Intel Overdrive/Microprocessor Support Line.

1-800-324-1234 CTI Long Distance Customer Service.

1-800-331-9922 General Motors Shareholder's Services.

1-800-332-2717 Intel Technical Support.

1-800-332-4636 Compaq Computer Corporation.

1-800-333-9967 Communication Options.

1-800-334-2255 GE Information Services Center.

1-800-334-2564 (1-800-3-DIALOG) Dialog Information Service WHQ.

1-800-336-6000 VMB (Audix)

1-800-339-6181 Toshiba.

1-800-344-4825 Compaq Canada.

1-800-354-9000 Compaq Customer Services.

1-800-355-6245 ATX Telecommunication Services. (Answering Machine)

1-800-360-2255 Century 21 Realty VMS.

1-800-367-2346 Motorola Telecommunications Administration.

1-800-381-7707 Rogers Cantel Service Barrie.

1-800-387-8240 NCR.

1-800-387-8300 NCR Help Desk and Call Management Center.

1-800-388-PIR8 SPA Anti-Piracy Hotline. (the official warez d00d ratline)

1-800-395-4656 ITC Telecom Dispatch Service.

1-800-4-LUCENT Lucent Technologies.

1-800-405-6543 American Mobile Customer Accounts Support Center.

1-800-418-6245 Blockbusters VMS.

1-800-425-1111 Pepsi Cola Atlantic Customer Service.

1-800-426-2255 (IBM-CALL) IBM Customer Support.

1-800-426-4682 IBM Performance Management and Capacity Planning Services.

1-800-426-4968 (IBM-4YOU) IBM Products, Services and Technical Support.

1-800-426-4968 IBM Customer Service.

1-800-426-7378 (IBM-SERV) IBM Hardware/Software technical information.

1-800-428-3929 (1-800-GATEWAY) Gateway in South Dakota.

1-800-444-9000 Telecom USA.

1-800-446-6744 Motorola Supplier/Customer Training Services.

1-800-448-2244 (1-800-HITACHI) Hitachi.

1-800-452-9996 Statistics Canada.

1-800-453-0920 Motorola IDEN Customer Services.

1-800-455-4890 Pager that plays a South Park Song for the greeting.

1-800-455-5958 ITC Telecom.

1-800-456-3333 Skytel National Sales Center.

1-800-457-6245 CSI Compuserve Technical Support. (Need UserId #)

1-800-460-1111 Qwest Customer Service.

1-800-460-2222 Qwest.

1-800-460-3333 Qwest.

1-800-461-5161 NCR Canada Emergency Parts Order Desk.

1-800-467-2355 CenturyTel.

1-800-468-3548 (1-800-INTEL-IT) Intel Product Repair Service.

1-800-475-3107 Joanne Wilson from IBM Global Services Pager.

1-800-477-9692 ATN Information and Customer Service.

1-800-483-1170 3Com's Customer Service after hours VMB.

1-800-483-1288 IBM Work Group Services.

1-800-483-4444 FirsTel Advanced Communications Customer Service Center.

1-800-483-6681 StarTech telco.

1-800-501-6245 Database America's answering machine.

1-800-509-1800 Novell's Customer Response Center.

1-800-522-6245 AMD VMS. (enter 3 digit ext# then 3 digit passcode#)

1-800-525-5288 ATN Communications.

1-800-542-7279 (1-800-LIBRARY) The Teleconnect Dictionary (Telecom Books,

1-800-555-1212 Toll Free Directory Assistance/Info.

1-800-555-1313 VMB (Skytel)

1-800-555-1560 Audix VMB.

1-800-555-2052 Gateway 2000 International Department.

1-800-555-2091 Gateway 2000 International Department.

1-800-555-2255 NOS. Collect, credit card calls, Operator assisted, etc.

1-800-555-3012 Gateway Direct Line.

1-800-555-4000 "Mike's" Skytel Direct Dial VMB. Press "*" to access.

1-800-555-6620 VMB (Meridian Mail)

1-800-555-7665 TelAmerica.

1-800-557-6245 Saloman Smith Barney VMS.

1-800-563-9048 Micro$oft Canada Sales and Information Centre.

1-800-565-2237 Acer America Corporation.

1-800-567-1616 Compaq.

1-800-569-DELL DELL.

1-800-576-2255 Frontier Communications Customer Service.

1-800-580-5585 WesTel Incorporated Customer Service.

1-800-588-1111 ActionTel.

1-800-588-2222 ActionTel Customer Service.

1-800-594-3000 Call-Home America.

1-800-595-8480 Rogers@Home.

1-800-627-2303 (1-800-NCR-2303) NCR Corporation Shareholder Services.

1-800-627-5609 Conquest Customer Service.

1-800-628-2888 Lucent Technologies National Customer Care Center.

1-800-628-8686 Intel Customer Service.

1-800-628-9526 Compaq Support Line.

1-800-633-2255 NOS automated collect, credit and calling card calls.

1-800-638-9273 Novell Customer Support.

1-800-638-9636 Genie Online Service.

1-800-639-8359 (1-800-NEXTEL-9)

1-800-647-2355 MinIowa PC Partner. 1-877-727-3375 Internet number.

1-800-652-6672 (1-800-OK-COMPAQ) Compaq Computer Corporation Technical Support.

1-800-658-5199 AccessData Corporation. (data recovery)

1-800-663-7780 NCR Invoicing Department.

1-800-669-1800 Burger King's VMB. (4 digit BNs)

1-800-685-3968 (1-800-NUKE-YOU) is VoiceComm.

1-800-725-5288 ATN Communications.

1-800-726-7864 (1-800-SAMSUNG) Samsung Information Line.

1-800-733-9673 (1-800-RED-WORD) Novell Developer's Support.

1-800-741-2255 ATN Communications. (collect, credit, calling card, Op assisted.)

1-800-777-2255 Phone Works VMS.

1-800-777-3278 Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.

1-800-777-4343 Digital Equipment Corp.

1-800-783-2020 Frontier Communications Customer Service.

1-800-786-0404 (1-800-SUN-0404) Sun Express (supplier of Sun Microsystems)

1-800-788-8588 Working Assets Long Distance.

1-800-800-8800 Target Directory.

1-800-822-2000 Lucent Technologies.

1-800-825-2255 Metro-Call Customer Service. (pager service)

1-800-828-3362 Novell Authorization Department.

1-800-829-1011 Network Management Center.

1-800-835-7788 US Telecom International.

1-800-842-2255 American Express VMS (Audix)

1-800-846-2301 Gateway Technical Support Line.

1-800-847-4096 DELL Canada's Service and Support Hot Line.

1-800-848-0955 Williams Communications Solutions. (Meridian, OcTel info etc.)

1-800-848-8199 CompuServe.

1-800-848-8990 CompuServe.

1-800-858-4000 Novell Technical Support.

1-800-860-2255 Qwest/LCI.

1-800-879-3782 NOS (automated collect, credit, calling card calls)

1-800-879-7660 Iomega's Instant Access Help System.

1-800-888-4848 Subway's VMS.

1-800-889-6245 "Belen Hell" VMS. (VMB="#") (Dir.="3")

1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WAL-MART) WAL-MART Directory.

1-800-949-6245 VMB (Phone Mail)

1-800-951-2355 Cantel Communications.

1-800-954-6245 VMB (OcTel)

1-800-999-DELL DELL Canada.

1-800-SKY-8888 Skytel System Access.

1-800-SKY-FAXE SkyFax (Skytel Faxing)

1-800-SKY-GRAM Skyward (Skytel Alpha-Numeric Paging)

1-800-SKY-PAGE SkyPager (Skytel Numeric Paging)

1-800-SKY-TALK SkyTalk (Skytel Voice Mail)

1-800-SKYTEL5 Skytel.

1-877-240-1267 Cantel Centre De Communication Tech.

1-877-326-2826 NCR Bell Help Desk.

1-877-393285465 (1-877-EXECULINK) ExecuLink Internet Services.

1-877-396-3939 Union Telecom.

1-877-4-LUCENT Lucent Technologies.

1-877-677-4687 (1-877-6-PRIMUS) Primus Canada Long Distance Services.

1-877-742-7722 Sharp Canada Customer Care Center.

1-877-875-2762 Pioneer Help Line.

1-877-925-6278 (1-800-WAL-MART) Customer and Associates Service Hotline.

1-877-ROGERS-1 Rogers Corporation.

1-888-256-5678 NCR AlertLine.

1-888-257-8826 Cantel Centre de Communication.

1-888-349-6972 Micron Electronics Technical Support.

1-888-4-LUCENT Lucent Technologies Canada.

1-888-478-2730 I-Star Internet Incorporated.

1-888-504-2355 "Tony Bell" from Remax.

1-888-536-2355 "This is Ken Bell." (Voice)

1-888-582-3686 (1-888-LUCENT6) Lucent Technologies Shareholder Services.

1-888-582-3688 Lucent Technologies.

1-888-638-2355 Cantel AT&T.

1-888-673-8925 Micro$oft's Y2K Disclosure Line.

1-888-715-2355 Call Home America Ultimate 800.

1-888-736-8567 Motorola.

1-888-751-8088 Guinness World Records.

1-888-825-2355 Connect America.

1-888-839-9295 IBM Haliburton Service Desk.

1-888-ROGERS-1 Rogers Cable.

1-888-ROGERS-2 Rogers Connection.

1-888-Y-TOP-TEN ATN's Top Ten reasons why you should get a toll free number.

Glossary of Terms, Acronyms and Jargon)


Telco Employees (Answering Machines and Pagers):


(416) 377-3724 Mike Turner's Pager (works for Bell)

(416) 379-2117 Dave Twiner's Pager (works for Bell)

1-800-455-6813 Jack Hogan of MCI WorldCom's Pager.

1-800-519-6245 TONE then "Sprint - Kimberly Martin." (Answering Machine)


Numbers that Require PINs:


1-800-235-3155 "Welcome. Enter the PIN number you wish."

1-800-249-6245 "Please enter your 7 digit access code"

1-800-549-6245 "Welcome. Enter the PIN number you wish."

1-800-566-6245 "Please enter your four digit PIN:"

1-800-643-6245 "Enter ID number immediately followed by your security code."

1-800-862-6340 "Please enter your 4 digit PIN."

1-888-612-2355 "Enter the PIN number you wish."

1-888-614-2355 "Enter the PIN number you wish."

1-888-623-2355 "Enter the PIN number you wish."




1-800-234-1998 Digital Equipment Corp. Electronic Store. (Online Shopping)

1-800-234-6245 MCI (USA)

1-800-283-5474 Okidata (inside joke!)

1-800-368-7244 AT&T Information Access Services SignOn/Pwd (USA)

1-800-368-7247 AT&T Information Access Services SignOn/Pwd (USA)

1-800-444-8697 RTK-NET.

1-800-604-6245 Digital Equipment Corporation.

1-800-624-5123 AT&T STATION ID - C2/34.11 Canada 2 Datakit.

1-800-692-8872 (1-800-MY-ATT-PC) NCR Global Support Center BBS. (3 lines)

1-803-939-8207 NCR Global Support Center BBS. (9 lines)

(Use the N-8-1 setting to connect to the carriers above.)


Cellular, PCS and Paging Services:


1-800-222-8466 Cellular Rentals.

1-800-263-7536 Nokia Mobile Phones.

1-800-264-2355 (1-800-ANI-BELL) Cellular South Answer Center.

1-800-274-3127 MobileCom's National Customer Service Center.

1-800-276-2355 Frontier Communications Customer Service.

1-800-374-2355 InterCall.

1-800-374-2776 Ericsson Mobile Phones Customer Care Center.

1-800-405-6543 American Mobile.

1-800-411-2355 Car Phone Store.

1-800-432-2355 Air Touch Paging. 1-800-6AIR-TOUCH Air Touch Paging Canada.

1-800-438-2355 Kentucky Cellular.

1-800-452-2355 Appalacian Wireless.

1-800-460-2255 Pager Service.

1-800-474-2355 OmniCell Technologies Incorporated.

1-800-481-2355 ATI Cellular.

1-800-483-5010 Cellular Express.

1-800-488-2355 Cellular 2000.

1-800-496-2355 Nationlink.

1-800-518-2355 CellToys International. (Cellular, PCS, accessories etc.)

1-800-549-2355 Advanced Cellular and Paging.

1-800-590-2355 ATI Cellular.

1-800-613-2355 Cellular Unlimited.

1-800-638-2355 Comcev Cellular Communications.

1-800-667-2355 SouthTel Mobility.

1-800-673-2355 Quintex Cellular.

1-800-705-2355 OmniCell Technical Department VMS.

1-800-706-2355 Paging Service Center.

1-800-724-2355 AllCell Rentals.

1-800-742-2355 Mobile Media.

1-800-759-2355 Plymouth Bell Laboratories.

1-800-765-2355 Isralink Communications. (Israel Cell phones)

1-800-794-2355 Advantage Communications Systems.

1-800-806-2355 Advantage Paging. (I believe it's Bell Advantage)

1-800-821-2355 MobileCom.

1-800-854-2355 MobileCall accounts.

1-800-866-2770 MobileCom. (pager service)

1-800-871-2355 The Phone Man. (I'm fucking serious... Haha)

1-800-872-6222 American Mobile Satellite Communications Products. (U.S. only)

1-800-874-6387 Trellis Communications.

1-800-887-2255 Trellis Premier Voice Mail and Paging.

1-800-926-2355 Ubet Wireless.

1-800-980-2355 Light Cellular.

1-877-948-4968 (1-877-WITH-YOU) Frontier Cellular.

1-877-CELLPHONE Travel Phone (Cellular phone company)

1-877-WIRELESS Cellular Depot.

1-888-229-4443 Cantel AT&T Canada.

1-888-300-2355 Consolidated Wireless Corporation.

1-888-444-2355 Maricell Cellular.

1-888-481-FIDO Fido PCS Services.

1-888-593-2355 S&E Cellular.

1-888-638-2355 Cantel AT&T.

1-888-694-2355 Corporate Communications at AirTouch Customer Service.

1-888-801-2355 Cell Phones and Accessories.

1-888-877-2355 Comcev Communications.

1-888-879-2355 Portable Communications. (The home of the Phone Man)

1-888-901-2355 Digital Communications.

1-888-902-2355 NewTech Wireless. (paging, cellular, equipment, etc.)

1-888-968-2355 Everything Wireless.

1-888-999-2355 Downtown Wireless.

1-888-CELL-BOOK CellCom and PageCom.

1-888-WIRELESS Page USA.


Free Disks:


1-888-265-4357 (1-888-AOL-HELP) AOL Canada (only call for free 3«" AOL disks)

1-800-487-4838 CompuServe.

1-800-776-3449 Prodigy.

1-800-777-9638 Sprynet - Gives you two disks.

1-800-786-7638 SunSoft - Free 30-day evaluation disk. (press 1)

1-800-827-6364 America Online.


Calling Cards:


1-800-213-0304 Talk `n Toss Calling Card.

1-800-213-4222 Calling Card.

1-800-265-3121 Prepaid LD.

1-800-277-7468 Sprint Prepaid Calling (press 1)

1-800-279-6111 Unidial Calling Card.

1-800-393-0711 7-11 Calling Cards.

1-800-423-4343 AT&T Calling Cards (16 digit code) (automated)

1-800-437-6404 Champs Sports Calling Card (9 digit code)

1-800-444-3556 (1-800-HI-HELLO) Hello Direct. (Mail-order telphonics equipment,

pre-paid phone cards, etc.)

1-800-463-0004 Some calling card service

1-800-484-6245 MCI. (4 Digit Security Code)

1-800-560-6245 "Please enter your four digit Frontier Spectrum PIN."

1-800-572-6361 Pepsi Phone Card.

1-800-662-6214 AT&T Calling Cards.

1-800-674-6245 Musical Notes and then "Please enter your card number now."

1-800-674-7325 MCI Calling Card.

1-800-674-9997 MCI Calling Card.

1-800-690-6245 "Please enter your four digit Frontier Spectrum PIN."

1-800-783-1414 Frontier Access Card.

1-800-814-2808 Sprint Prepaid calling card service.

1-800-860-4444 Qwest Communications. (calling card calls)

1-800-864-7000 Premier World Link Access Number.

1-800-997-6245 Decoma calling card service. "Please enter your card number."

1-800-BCE-HELP Ideal Dial's Telecard Platform.

1-888-813-1426 Kokanee Talkin' Tag Phone Card (10 digit PIN)




1-800-225-5100 AT&T Corporate Teleconferencing.

1-800-225-5500 Teleconference Assistance.

1-800-225-5700 AT&T Teleconferencing.

1-800-232-1234 AT&T Teleconferencing.

1-800-235-0900 AT&T Teleconferencing. (Spanish and English)

1-800-255-5100 AT&T Teleconferencing.

1-800-255-5500 AT&T Teleconferencing.

1-800-369-1117 MCI Teleconferencing.

1-800-475-4455 Conference Calling Center.

1-800-544-6363 AT&T Alliance Teleconference Service (US)

1-800-567-3678 Bell (Dis)Advantage Teleconference (Canada)

1-800-625-5288 Teleconference Playback Center.

1-800-886-2355 Frontier Teleconferencing.


Credit Card Verification:


1-800-228-1122 Credit Card Verification.

1-800-268-2530 Credit Card Verification.

1-800-268-8281 Royal Bank Authorization Centre for Visa Cards.

1-800-333-1337 Authorization Centre.

1-800-336-0220 Credit Card Service Bureau.

1-800-361-8370 National Bank Authorization Centre for Master Card.

1-800-528-2121 American Express Card.

1-800-556-5678 Bank number to report stolen bank cards.

1-800-561-5224 Credit Authorization Centre

1-800-796-2355 Card Services (Visa and Mastercard)

1-800-810-2355 Customer Service Center.

1-800-866-5000 National Credit Center.


Non-Toll Free Extenders, etc.


(519) 651-2252 Extender (4 digit Client numbers and passcodes)

(519) 654-9000 Ability Telecom extender/diverter. (4 digit passcodes)

(519) 742-9621 Bell Canada VMS.

(519) 846-2255 Extender. (5 digit passcode)

(519) 895-2255 Extender. (5 digit passcode)


Silent Lines, Test Lines and Strange Messages:


(403) 425-0052 Gives you Info about a Bell CO in Alberta.

(416) 690-4804 - Remote 44A (aka Bell Hut) (it's a switching center)

(423) 539-0001 Memorycall Access line.

(423) 588-9909 Memorycall Access line.

(423) 602-7811 Remote Call FWD Access.

(514) 391-1715 Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS)

(514) 391-4005 MDAR Trouble line.

(514) 481-1111 1khz tone.

(514) 481-1191 1Khz&Battery.

(514) 673-2111 Centrex (ASA)

(514) 786-6786 Control.

(514) 852-8686 Cables.

(514) 870-0200 CDE code MTL.

(514) 870-0669 CDE code MTL.

(514) 870-0704 CDE code MTL.

(514) 870-1252 DMS.

(847) 823-9995 Gives reading on the Bell CO, including alert and battery

conditions and temperature. Also allows you to check the sound

levels, allowing you to hear inside the CO.

1-800-200-0301 Test line (loud beep)

1-800-200-0302 Test line (loud beep)

1-800-225-5122 "We are sorry but this program has not started. Thank you for


1-800-225-5300 "We are sorry but this program has ended and no further calls are

being taken. Thank you for calling."

1-800-225-5308 High pitched TONE.

1-800-225-5528 TONE. "Please enter the number you are calling."

1-800-369-2255 Silent line.

1-888-374-2355 "You have entered an invalid telephone number."

1-800-430-7938 DMS.

1-800-444-1677 Siren Tones.

1-800-455-2013 Ring + Click then Trunk Busy signal.

1-800-455-7947 1 Ring then silent line.

1-800-483-2276 No Ring + Trunk Busy signal.

1-800-483-9774 Ring + Trunk Busy Signal.

1-800-485-2255 Ring + Trunk Busy Signal.

1-800-555-1120 "We are sorry but this program has ended and no further calls are

being taken. Thank you for calling."

1-800-555-1220 Same message as 1-800-555-1120.

1-800-555-2147 Ring + Trunk Busy signal.

1-800-555-2342 Dialtone. (PBX)

1-800-555-3585 Dialtone. (PBX)

1-800-555-3696 Silent line.

1-800-624-2255 "We're sorry. We're unable to place a call from this number.


1-800-647-2255 "I'm sorry. We are no longer taking calls for this project."

1-800-862-6338 Blast of Noise. Some type of test line.

1-800-866-9317 High Tone

1-800-877-8000 Low Tone

1-800-898-2355 Silent line.

1-800-900-1302 Silent line.

1-800-900-2274 Silent line.

1-800-959-9997 "Test 1, 2, 3, 4." message.

1-888-468-2355 "Due to technical difficulties we cannot record your message

at this time."

1-888-487-5346 L.E.G.O.S.

1-888-786-6786 Control.

1-888-871-2380 Waterloo Facilities.




1-800-222-9323 AMV Fax-Back

1-800-268-9100 Bell Canada 1-900, 976, Info Line (2,1,2,AC,NUM,#,#)

1-800-282-2000 Phillips (1,2,6,AC,NUM,#,1,#)

1-800-323-6586 Tandy Retail Services Fax-Back. (order Tandy docs!)

1-800-345-1518 Compaq Computer PaqFax

1-800-365-0696 Genecom Corporation FAX-back service. (Digital Printer Support)

1-800-368-9673 Hewlett-Packard Information Storage Quick Fax (1,2,AC,NUM,1,2,)

1-800-380-0030 Diamond (2,2AC,NUM,#,1,AC,NUM,#,1)

1-800-443-1254 HP Portable Products (5,5,5,#,3,2,2,2,1#AC,NUM,#,1,#,)

1-800-446-6212 Analog Fax (2,1,0,AC,NUM,1,AC,NUM,#,1)

1-800-451-2100 Lucent Technologies Main number (get product info by FAX).

1-800-483-2495 Central FAX on demand system. (FAX back)

1-800-521-2846 Brother Fax back (they make fax machines and typewriters)

1-800-522-6752 Amp Fax (1,8,90,#,#,AC,NUM,#,#,AC,NUM,#,#,#)

1-800-525-3019 Intel (1,1,3,2,AC,NUM,1,#)

1-800-722-4786 Sun Microsystems Service Canada (1,2,4,1,AC,NUM,#,1)

1-800-727-3351 Micro$oft Sales FAX Service Line. (press *,1,1,AC,NUM,#,5,0)

1-800-822-4269 Borland (3,2,1,AC,NUM,#,1,3,1)

1-800-832-4778 Western Digital Fax Access (2,1,1,1,AC,NUM,#,1,AC,NUM,#,1)

1-800-832-6328 Ameritech Team Data Support Center (press 6,2,1,2,AC,NUM,1)

(pressing 6 transfers you to the Ameritech Team Data Information

Server which you can use to obtain telco info via FAX back)

1-800-872-4786 Sun Microsystems Service United States (2,4,1,AC,NUM,#,1)

1-800-879-8632 US West News line. (U.S. only)

1-800-943-8329 Integrated Device Tech (1000,1,3000,1,#,AC,NUM#,1,#)

1-800-IBM-4FAX IBM FAX Information Service. (3,1,0,1,1,1,AC,NUM,#,1,1)

1-800-SKY-USER Skytel Customer Service. (press 3 for FAX on demand for docs)



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why don't you credit whoever's numbers those are?


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I'm not sure, but I think that list is from the Damage inc. list from 2001. The thing is, that list can be found on many sites in html with no proper credit given.


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Yeah, defenetly from the damage inc, i'd reconize it from any where, I love that list!


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does anyone know any current up to date 1 800's for free stuff?


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free stuff? As in free product catalogs, travel brochures for Ohio, free information about hearing loss, etc?


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ya sure like samples and shit like free product catalogs, travel brochures for Ohio, free information about hearing loss, etc?


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Was it by any chance that 1000 page PDF from

Hey de, I can't find my copy of that BellSouth list... where was it again? I wanted to run it through text rec and pass it on to somebody...




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A Milliwatt line just give you a tone, I think it's 1004 hz.


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A Milliwatt line just give you a tone, I think it's 1004 hz.

Holy Thread Ressurection Batman!

Did you really need go back 16 months to find a thread that you could post-whore on?


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I just did a search for "Frontier" and found this. I had no idea how old it was. Sorry everybody.


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