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Simple tool to get whatever you need


Also helpful for those pesky headcrabs.

My no-computer rambo-hacker-survival-kit would include the following items:

A Backpack (preferably waterproof) Containing:






----Coins (enough quarters to buy a few cans of soda, which are tasty and can be modified into lock shivs)


----Library Card

----Cancelled Credit Card (useful as a shiv for doors)

-Multi-tool (with good scissors and strong blades)

-Road Flares

-Safety Blanket

-First-Aid Kit


-Lighter Fluid

-Duct and Electrical Tape

-Moleskine Notebook

-Mechanical Pencil & Lead

-A Few Good Pens

-My iPod + USB Cable (for when I'm sneaky)

-My 4GB USB Thumbdrive (for when I'm not)

-BackTrack 2 LiveCD ( -- for general hacking)

-OphCrack LiveCD ( -- for windows password cracking)

-Pair of Headphones, for the iPod (also helps keep the bloody sound down when starting up BackTrack 2 -- it's loud)

-Some of them fancy LED lights, and a more powerful Mag-Lite Solitaire (single-AAA battery) or Mag-Lite LED (2-cell AAA)

-Two blank CD-Rs

-Wireless Detector (one of those keychain tools that tells you if you're near a signal, and how strong it is)

-Digital Camera

-Tiny Pillow (if I plan on being somewhere overnight)

The following things would be bought as necessary, as they are available almost anywhere:

-Chewing Gum (useful for being delicious and sticky)

-Pack of Cigarettes

-Cans of Soda

-Plastic Zip-Lock Bags (to protect items that could get damaged by water)

The idea here is that you need your pack to be small, lightweight, with extra room for more things as necessary. Anything you could purchase cheap at a gas station should be left out of the pack, unless it's vital (like lighters, first aid kits). Also, we're assuming you don't have a laptop with you. This doesn't mean you can't pack one if you have one... as we all know, it would be very useful. Just remember to do whatever you can to conserve your battery, because you might find yourself without a wall-socket sometime. I prefer to carry a paper notebook instead of a PDA, because 1.) A PDA can be hacked, and 2.) If found, your PDA could be confiscated and give up important information, while you could easily burn your paper notebook if necessary.

Also, I have a server at my home with various servers including SSH. If I ever needed to, I could log in from any computer and have my toolset and a file-drop available to me. If you don't have something similar, is a good resource.

EDIT: Also useful is the ability to create your own LiveCDs. If you can do this, you can customize them to include everything you need on one CD, rather than taking 2 (BT2 and OphCrack). This can also help store your personal settings too. Another thought is to learn a programming language like Python or C. They can be useful, even when you're not around. For example, on my home server I run an IRC server as well. I can write a bot in Python to take simple commands and act upon them. If there's a file I want to download but don't have the bandwidth or time to do it, or if I don't want the download traced over an unsecure line (like at a Library), I can have my python IRC bot download the file, and then I can RDP or SSH in and view it. Just log into a computer for 10 seconds to pull up the chat, type the command, and exit, and then while I'm offline, the python bot can be downloading the file. Extremely useful for times when internet availability is sporadic. Same can be done for automated scans, link the bot to nmap.

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my kit:

usb stick: full of apps for windows and a usb switchblade

cd-rw: a live cd with either a linux distro or OPHcrack if need be

multitool: invaluable

pocket notepad and pen: because i dont like to store sensitive data on my hard drive

library card: for free internet at any library

phone card: no cell :(

digital camera: incase i see anything interesting

plastic bag: for keeping my shit dry

comfy backpack

and of course small amounts of cash, bus tokens etc...

that said, i would much rather have a laptop with me. if there is anyone reading this who doesn't have a computer of his own i recommend that you just see if you can snag one of your friends or relatives old computers. people throw away 4 year old computers all the time...

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An MP3 player instead of a flash drive, even if it is still just 1gb. People will be less suspicious if they see an MP3 player rather than a flash drive.

I carry all of my important data on mine, and " one ever thinks about it."

Well, they do now!

Edit: Yes I am paranoid like a little worm on a big fuqing hook, result? Never seen the inside of a prison.

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I grew up kinda poor and got a computer from the Salvation Army for $20.00 when my Commodore fried. These days you don't need to own a computer because they are everywhere. Go to your local community college or public library and you will find a system with internet access. As long as you don't get photographed its pretty much untraceable. (use alcohol wipes on the keyboard)

I think FedEX Kinkos has systems you can use for a fee (cash)

Really any device that will spawn a shell is all you need. (Phone,PDA,PSP,DS,ATM,Gas Pump ; ))


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This is my kit. I don't know if it qualifies as a poor mans kit or not but here it goes:

Backpack // to carry everything

Laptop // all the software I need on it

Prism2 Wireless card with big ass antenna

USB Sticks // one for data and one as an OS for public comps

CD's // To boot off CD when the computer doesn't have working USB's

Floppy // Same reason as the above

External HD

iPod // Audio

Digital Camera // Recon

Notebooks, Paper, Pens, that kinda stuff


Lock Picks

Money (including change)

Flashlight (mini-mag)

A couple of prepaid cell phones

Servers ready on standby via shell


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MP3 player (Mine Records too!)

Large DJing headphones

Dark clothes

Various grabbing devices and rope


Extra paper and pencils


Cutting Devices


A watch

A buddy to go with

Money + Change


Basically, my kit fits in a set of army pants.


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