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Main Question:why are Vista's hashes not loading? how to export them with Ophcrack LiveCD?

well im trying to fix my Girlfriends fathers PC, he bought it like i'd say 8 months ago. since then he messed with some passwords and now cant get into his main account. I suggested booting the factory settings but he doesn't want too (im assuming to keep his work files)

so i decided to try ophcrack LiveCD, no luck. shortly after some more research i realized vista stores their hashes in LMNT.

anyways, i tried grabbing the SAM hash from the computer with saminside, no luck said something about not having proper admin right/file in use...ect..

so im able to see the account names using OPHcrack Live CD. i guess what im asking is. is it possible to:

1 - load the SAM using Ophcrack LiveCD 1st.. but:

2 - how do i export it to another place so that i can the hash up to

The step im seeking is, how to export the hash string while in the OphCrack LiveCD Enviourment, so i can add it to Cain BruteForce?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Regaurds, ReD-SpideR


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If the problem is only that he needs to get into the system again, you may have better luck just replacing the hash with a new one with something like this boot disk:

I've not tried it on Vista yet, but would be interested in hearing if you have had any success with it.



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