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Samba Vista fix doesn't work for me

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A while back when I bought my laptop with Vista installed on it I made a post about Samba not working with it. The problem turned out to be that Samba wasn't compatible with the new networking software in Vista. I was checking for any updates a few days ago and I came across two different fixes. The first was if the Vista version was Business or Ultimate to run the secpol.msc tool, since I'm running Premium that won't work. The same forum, Microsoft forum, stated that changing the LMCompatibility level entry in the registry from 3 to 1 should fix the problem. It had no effect.

The computer running Linux is using Fedora Core 7, it works fine with the other Windows XP computers in the house. The laptop is running Vista Premium and also works with the XP work group. Right now my only option is to transfer the files to a 3rd computer than back to either the Vista or Fedora machine as needed. I was just wondering if anyone else has a different solution that may be able to help.


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