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Greetz, everyone :P Here is a new project that I've just started, http://th0r.org/

~!~ 10/30/2007 ~!~

Added episde 65, The Linux Action Show.

~!~ 10/25/2007 ~!~

* Added 100 to 149 BinRev episodes.

* Added episodes 264 & 265, The Hackers Voice Radio episodes.

* Added episode 45, TorrentFreak.

* Added 200 to 229, TWATech episodes.

~!~ 10/20/2007 ~!~

-- Added scrollable rss feeds to all the radio shows and podcasts. Now you can listen to the stream and read the latest feeds.

~!~ 10/19/2007 ~!~

-- Added guest online and visitors map.

~!~ 10/18/2007 ~!~

-- Added 199 to 150 Binary Revolution episodes.

~!~ 10/17/2007 ~!~

-- Added 263 to 200 The Hackers Voice Radio episodes.

-- Added all 64 The Linux Action Show episodes.

-- Resources made public, not much there yet ;)

~!~ 10/15/2007 ~!~

-- Added 279 to 230 TWATech episodes.

-- Added all 44 TorrentFreak episodes.

-- Added logo to the player.

~!~ 10/14/2007 ~!~

-- Th0r.org Tools Sidebar for Firefox

-- TWATech.org Radio Streamer *more episodes soon*

-- Archive/Mirror

~!~ 10/12/2007 ~!~

-- Forums, Shout Box, Resources *for members only*

-- AdSense ads are up and running.

Please support us by clicking on any ad from time to time.

~!~ 10/09/2007 ~!~

-- RSS news feed is up.



-- ASCII Encryption

~!~ 10/08/2007 ~!~

-- Tools page are up ;-)

-- Password Generator

-- MD5 Generator

-- SHA-1 Generator

-- SHA-256 Generator

-- CRC-32 Generator

-- Base64 Encoder

-- Base64 Decoder

-- UTF-8 Encoder

-- UTF-8 Decoder

-- URL Encoder

-- URL Decoder

Will be adding more tools and resources in time ;)

Also, I am working on pod cast streaming pages. Currently only newest TWATech episodes are available. But I will add many more soon. Any comments, suggestions, links exchange and help are welcome ;-)

Long leave BinRev Radio ;)

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Looking good, only one issue: Password Generator ( http://th0r.org/?n=pages/pwd )

"First half password characters:" implies (in my mind) that the first half of the characters generated will use the specified character set instead of just the first password character.

For example, with length set to 12, 'First half password characters' to lowercase and 'Second half password characters' to numeric the password should set the first 6 characters to lowercase and the last six to numeric. At present only the first character in the password is set.

from: a42803130168 -> afiznu803130, or just change the wording to 'First password character' and 'Remaining password characters'.


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Heh :D I see what you mean ^_^ I usually generated random passwords with Number, Lowercase, Uppercase, Symbols for bolf half's of the password. :P Thanks for mentioning this :)


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