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So, I got this cage at a datacenter and allot of extra bandwidth and only 1 rack left to fill and I wanted to offer it to people of the younger crowd for gaming and just to play with. I know when I was young having my own server with a 100mb fiber connection would have been sweet! So anyway I am going to offer a special deal for Binrev members only!!! You must have an account with Binrev with more than 25 posts to get this deal.

$99 /Month no setup fee buls**t

upto 4U rack storage if you don't have a rackmount, I used to just take a tower and lay it on its side ; )

1 Power Outlet // I am ordering a new strip so it wont have web cycle capability until next month. If you want me to reboot it just call me.

600 GB multi home transfer and this is burstable to 100MB this is not capped!!!! and its 95% so if you get close to using 600G I will call you instead of letting you go over and trying to charge you a bunch of money.

If you want more or less let me know but this is perfect for a gaming server or just to have fun with.



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