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A scam number to Play With

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So, I get this call today from a 1-877 number. I dont know who it is, so I let the machine get it.

Apparently, I've been selected to receive 1 of 4 amazing prizes! Heh.

So I call back, and the guy says he's from a company called Prize Claim Center, and asks me questions like if I'm Married or between the ages of 35 and 75. I answer 'no' to the first one, and the guy basically asks me to find someone to come with me (to claim the prize) and pretend we live together, to cheat in their contest. LOL. I say I dont really want to do that, so he asks the age question and I say 'no' again. Then he tries to get me to have my parents claim the "prize" for me.

The supposed "prizes" were:


An all-expense paid trip to somewhere


A Flat Screen TV

Anyway, I looked up the company on, and they have numerous complaints from harvesting SS numbers to leaving vulgar messages. These guys are deuchebags....

So, I thought I would give you guys the number to let you have fun with it. Please dont give out any actual information.

I'd love to hear what stories they tell you, or any recorded pranks. They told me Hallmark was their sponsor, and their company used to be in the World Trade Center so they had to move to Illinois.

The number is: 1-877-880-4246. It will ask for an extension. Hit '0'. An african american guy will answer. Tell him Bruce called about winning a prize.

Have fun. From, it seems like these asshats change their phone number every so often, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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