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Thanks !!! Um but what about prank ideas so I can get him back? Haha.

Well, we had a house-mate at uni who was a total dick. So one day while another house-mate and I were messing around on the PC we decided to fake a letter from the Uni to him, telling him off for browsing for pr0n on the lab computers (which we knew he did - the guy had loads of ZIp discs of the stuff) and telling him that he would have to attend a hearing with his department head, the dean and his parents to decide if he should get a degree or not (we did this right after his last exam). We forged the header paper using MS paint and word (but it was suprising real though), took a franked, windowed envelope from a letter I had recieved from Uni (no, not a real warning to stop browsing pr0n) and steamed it open, inserted the fake letter and sealed it. Then, when the time was right, we slipped it into the mail pile, underneath all the crap he usually burried the mail under.

When we got back from our last exam, he was sat in his room, rocking back and forth, sheet-white, looking like he'd just shat his pants. We told him it was a joke about two weeks later.

Evil... but very, very funny. It's been about ten years now and I still think he's not entirely forgiven me. He he.



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Or if you want a quicker way but not as, well fun, then goto control pannel and change his account and password to whatever. (i.e. change his account to a guest account or just another way to change the paswword.)

Yeah , but some users remove that option and think they are all nice and safe from the big bad people out here who wish to access there stuff..

EDIT: was a bit rude (due to drinking, rudeness removed)

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