eBay Hardware Roundup 16 July 2007

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A Sun Sunfire V880 880 Server


(some old school laptop thingy)

And you always need a payphone

and you need to save your porn somewhere

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Commodore Modem 1200 Dated 1985 BRAND NEW IN FACTORY SEALED BOX for the Commodore 64, 128, SX-64, or Vic-20:

Vintage 1961 Minivac 601 Digital Computer:

35mm Bell of Pennsylvania promotional film (looks like 1970s, maybe):

Live in NJ? Snag this guy's BELL SYSTEM AT&T PBX C.O. BSP LIBRARY:

Antique AT&T wall phone (I mean, very antique):

Large AT&T 1898 US Phone Line Map:

Bell System Technical Journals (large lot) -- 1933-1967:

Vintage AT&T/Bell System First Aid Kit:

Vintage ATT Telephone Truck Replica Liquor Decanter (made 1980):

Bell System Father/Son//Mother/Daughter Hard Hats (1lg/1sm):

Bell System Tonka Truck truck set:


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