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BlueTooth hacking

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been jumping around the forums and i found a few posts on bluetooth

altho this topic might be deemed new school phreeking... to me phreeking is phreeking...

i found a link that was intresting... heres the link

been reading more into it and found that back|track has some intresting programs bundled with the distro and found a paper by max moser

if anyone played around with this topic please post some sites or info on this... seems like even tho bluetooth headsets could cook a persons brain... people still buy them

Class Maximum Permitted Power

(mW/dBm) Range


Class 1 100 mW (20 dBm) ~100 meters

Class 2 2.5 mW (4 dBm) ~10 meters

Class 3 1 mW (0 dBm) ~1 meter

i got access to one of the class 3 type and put it side by side with two cell phones with an egg in the middle damn things cooked it in about 30 minutes... 'poormans microwave'

side note:the phones were for lack of a better word 'call was in progress' since the phones wont transmit enough energy when its on standby mode


There is no right and wrong. There's only fun and boring.

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