The GSM Scanner Project

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We want to bring together all the folks that are interested in building a gsm scanner/receiver.

GSM is the worlds largest mobile phone standard. GSM 2.5 is currently in use and some countries are (slowly) migrating to GSM 3 (3G, UMTS, ..).

Available GSM scanner cost a shitload of money for no good reason. Our goal is to build a GSM scanner for less than $1000.

From there we have an unlimited number of possibilties of what we can do:

1. Understand GSM and verify the implementation and what kind of data is flying through the ether.


Analyzing debug traces from dct3 mobiles See DCT3 Debug Trace Project.


Track/Locate a gsm mobile. This can be done with just 1 (!) GSMSP receiver.


Crack A5 and proof to the public that GSM is insecure. See A5 Cracking Project.


Create our own baby cells. Imagine running your own BaseStation in your house, university campus, convention or local area. Calling inside the baby cell would be free and calling others via an asterisk/skype gateway would be extremly cheap.


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