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a little HackTV update

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Just wanted to post a note that we have some filiming done for HackTV. We have not begun editing it yet (actually, Saitou may be doing that this weekend knowing him) but we recorded some of the footage for the opening scenes and introductions. We also skethced otu teh scenes and designs for some real footage as well. This filming should take place over the next few weeks. If anyone has footage that they want me to use, you should digitize it (if you havent already) and upload it to and we will consider it for inclusion. Also, you can burn it to a CD or send me a tape ( i cannot return everything) and mail it to me directly, but I would rather keep it all digital.

I also discussed some questions with my lawyer to cover my ass. I have to make some decisions on what I can/can't/should/shouldn't do.

As everyone knows, this is the lowest priority of all of the DDP projects therefore it is coming along very slowly. However, it will look awesome when it is done, and it will be funny, interesting, and downright 31337 when it is done. Hopefully, episode 1 will be completely done by the end of the year (no promises).


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