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Interesting hit in my log file

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Got a hit from this site and checked it out...

1.) I have periodic connection attempts to my web servers and secure webservers coming from your network. Could you explain what and why this device is probing us?  

The NetFactual Team would like to assure you that no one was attempting to 'hack' any of your sites. One of the projects under way is performing a survey regarding which webservers and secure webservers are being used. This process involves performing a simple query exactly like any web browser.  

3.) What information have you found about my site?  

Many of the information elements we gather are used on a high level basis. This information is provided freely on our NetFactual website.  

4.) How do I remove myself from your study?  

All the information NetFactual collects is publicly available. Currently our processes do not support removal but this may be available in the near future.  

How nice of them to not allow me to opt out of their "study". Isn't all hacking studying anyway? Do you think they would mind if I "study" their site? :pissed:

Ok, edit was becasue I started hack---... um... "studying" their site and discovered the real reason that they want this 411...

They sell the information in their database by cross referenceing your uploaded log files to their database (a "study" my asscrack!). :nono:

also generated an interesting error message that shows a little bit of information about their site and the naming conventions...

Warning: Failed opening '/home/VIRTUAL/' for inclusion (include_path='') in /home/VIRTUAL/ on line 11

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