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2007 Telecom Predictions

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A few weeks ago I was thinking of something to write for Old Skool Phreak and the forums and I came up with the idea of writing up a page or two on where I think telecom is going in 2007 including some trends I predict you'll be seeing next year.

A few days later I noticed Jeff Pulver does the same thing and beat me to the punch.

Jeff titled his list: 2007 Predictions for the IP Communications Industry: Coffee Talk with Jeff Pulver and you can find his predictions at:

I just wanted to point this out to everybody because Jeff really knows his stuff and his 2006 predictions were very good and most of them happened or were put into action. A few of the things I had jotted down were on Jeff's list as well.

Soooo I've decided to take a couple more weeks to reflect on the subject. I'll try to post the file sometime on or shortly after Christmas, when it's a lot closer to the New Year.

Oh and if anyone has anything else they'd like to contribute to in the meantime, feel free to email me at natas aaaaaatttt oldskoolphreak doottttt commmm.


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