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I was really wanting to setup local meetings here in Norman, Oklahoma. Wanting to see if there are any members that are close to the area that are willing to meet. I am organizing something soon with a few people, and wanted to see if the interest is more widespread than us. I am going to be posting flyers around the local campus (Oklahoma University) and surrounding areas. Just wondering if there is any one else around here that shares similar interests in technology and ways to break erm i mean mod it :)

If interested give me a general idea of time/place that would be good in town. We are about to get a new starbucks on main st, and there is always the local delis. all very centrally located in town.

There is the 2600 meetings but those meetings arent too organized, and well...not to welcome of newcomers. Also they like to have them way on the north side of OKC and it sort of sucks trying to nail a 5pm meeting 20+ miles away in rush hour traffic. hrmmm

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