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How to Make an Acetylene Bomb

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|''The Clashmaster''


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|''November 17, 1985''


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'''Phrack Inc. - Volume One, Issue One, Phile 7 of 8'''



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! Written exclusively for... !

! The Phrack Inc. !

! 2600 Club !

! Newsletter 11/01/85!


==Acetylene Balloon Bomb==

Imagine this. A great, inflated, green garbage bag

slowly wafting down from a tall building. It gains some speed

as it nears the ground. People look up and say, "What the....?"

The garbage bag hits! *BOOM!!!* It explodes in a thundering

fireball of green bits of plastic and flame!

:"What is this?" you may ask. Well, this is the great "Acetylene Balloon Bomb." And here is how to make it.


#For a small bomb: a plastic bag. Not too big. For something big(ger): a green, plastic garbage bag.

#Some "Fun-Snaps". A dozen should be more than enough.

#Some garbage bag twisties. String would also do.

#A few rocks. Not too heavy, but depends on size of bomb and desired velocity of balloon/bomb.

#PRIME INGREDIENT: Acetylene. This is what is used in acetylene torches. More on this substance later.

#One or more eager Anarchists.


Acetylene is a fairly dangerous substance. It is unstable upon

contact with oxygen (air). For this reason, and for your

safety, I recommend you keep all of the acetylene AWAY from any

source of oxygen. This means don't let it get in touch with



#Fill up a bathtub with cold water. Make it VERY full.

#Now get put you garbage bag in the water and fill it with water. Make sure ALL air/oxygen is out of the bag before proceeding.

#Now take your acetylene source (I used it straight from the torch, and I recommend this way also.), and fill the bag up with acetylene.

#Now, being careful with the acetylene, take the bag out of the tub and tie the opening shut with the twisty or string. Let the balloon dry off now. (Put it in a safe place.)

#Okay. Now that it is dry and filled with acetlene, open it up and drop a few rocks in there. Also add some Fun-Snaps. The rocks will carry the balloon down, and the Fun-Snaps will spark upon impact, thus setting off the highly inflammable acetylene. *BABOOM!*

#Now put the twisty or string back on VERY tightly. You now have a delicate but powerful balloon bomb.

To use:

Just drop off of a cliff, airplane, building, or whatever. It

will hit the ground a explode in a fireball. Be careful you are

not near the explosion site. And be careful you are not

directly above the blast or the fireball may rise and give you

a few nasty burns.

Have fun!

But be careful...

NOTE: I, The Clashmaster, am in NO WAY responsible for the use of this information in any way. This is for purely informational purposes only!

This has been a 2600 Club production.


:2600 Club


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