Will the Wii get hacked within a day?

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I have no problem browsing the web using a local DNS server to tell the Wii to go to differnt a differnt ip address but the Wii Shop Channel does not work well for browsing. It does not get a scroll bar in the bottom and I can't get it to let me type anything. There is also a conection it tries to make to Nintendo and it will give an error code after a short time trying.


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I voted no because so little people are going to buy the wii, that hacking your washing machine would time better spent.

I am currently hacking my Wii as I type this and hope to have a web browser working in time for the next 2600 meeting. Some of you might not know this but the web browser for the Wii isn't out yet, so I'm working on getting around a few things to get access to the web. So far it is going well :).

I would say yes, You have to remmeber back when you were a kid and you took stuff after to see how it worked, People will hack just to see how it works or just to say they hacked it.. I agree with most everyone who came up with the name.


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