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Time to promote the active meetings

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I am in the process of cleanign up some dead meetings from the server. If the meetings are dead and/or no one is using the sites that we providing, there is no use for me to maintain them and keep them running as nothing but potential security risks. I am deleting the ones that appear to be dead this weekend. From now on, we are firmly sticking with the requirement that meetings establish themsleves and show a committment of 2 or 3 months before we start hosting the sites for them.

The GOOD news is that there are several meetings that have started during this time from right here in the general meetings section. Those meeting that have hap-pened a few times and are active will gain the space that we are gaining from the dead meetings. I will gladly pay for more disk space if necessary if it will help more meetings get started.


If you think you have a solid, established meeting and would like a site to further promote it, please post in this thread. I know that NYC has (had) a meeting, so I would gladly set up a page for a volunteer from that meeting who wants to administer it. There are a couple of other meetings that are in the same boat, so please post here and I will try to set them up this upcoming weekend. Also, send an email to 411 -at- binrevmeetings {dot} com so that I can reply with the details of the installation.

DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD ABOUT NEW MEETINGS! Start a new thread inside of this "General Meetings" forum to solicit others for new meetings.


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