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help! my drivers wont werk! help!

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okay yeah so bland gave me a link to get orinoco drivers installed on my laptop

ive run into a problem

heres where i hit the problem

# cd /root/orinoco-0.13e

and then did

# make

and for the error i recieved:

no rule to make target 'modules'. Stop

im running knoppix v 3.2 (i think) with the hd install

i have had psycho bland and feend do the exact sam thing i have done and they ran into no problems with it. :help:

im getiing a permission error on the link bland gave me but heres what it said to do

Install the Orinoco drivers

# cd or # cd /root/

# tar -zxf orinoco-0.13e.tar.gz

# patch -p0 < orinoco-0.13e-patch.diff

patching file orinoco-0.13e/hermes.c

patching file orinoco-0.13e/hermes.h

patching file orinoco-0.13e/orinoco.c

patching file orinoco-0.13b/orinoco.h

# cd orinoco-0.13b

# make

# make install

one thing should be noted tho the last line "patching file orinoco-0.13b/orinoco.h" should be "patching file orinoco-0.13e/orinoco.h"

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What kernel are you using? Knoppix is just a glorified debian distrobution.

also, you said you are doing the make, but did you run the patch command?

read the Makefile, and see what it is looking for - some things would be, that its pointing to the proper place for your kernel sources, the pcmcia sources (aka pcmcia-cs)

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2.4.20 kernel i think whatever the default for knoppix is. yes i did run the patch command. No i didnt read the makefile but im gonna try it with another distro

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