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From Bugtraq, here's a reply from Lucky225:

Sorry but simply calling a phone number and then 3-waying another number

does not spoof caller id as the first number you called, at least not in

my experience, I do know however that if you call one phone number, flash

over and hit #90+1+npa+number# it will send that person off to the number

you dialed(known as a call transfer) and the first number will show up as

caller ID to the person you transfered them to, but since they are

essentially the people calling the person you call transfered them too

what's the difference? my only bitch about that would be privacy concerns

like if you called someone w/ complete blocking on their line and then

courtesy call transfered them to another # and now that other # has their

phone number, it also gets annoying when miliwatt test numbers start

calling your house at odd hours of the night.  Another thing odd about

vonage is they only send your vonage number as caller ID and flex ANI, the

real time ANI seems to be a new york phone number in the 646 areacode, try

calling 800-444-4444 from a vonage fone to see this.


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