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Looking for links to hacking media

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I've been into computers for a long time but just started discovering great alternative media for hackers like RFA, Binrev, and Phrack. I wish I known about all these resources sooner because I learn so much from them. This is my inspiration for I want to create a directory of all kinds of hacking media including radio shows, online and in print zines, and speeches. The site will eventually have a rating system, and information on everything it links to such as user reviews, samples, contact addresses. I intend on making a high quality site, not some geocitys site of MY FAVURITIST LINKS!!!!1.

Use this thread to post your own links and suggestions and I'll make them a part of the site when I get it going. Don't be afraid to post something not directly related to hacking. Phreaking and other sources of technical information are great too.

Here is what I have so far.


Radio freek america

Binrev radio

Geeks in space

Off the Hook

In the now

Web talk guys radio (maybe, I've yet to listen to it)




Binrev mag



Outbreak zine archive


Rubicon 5


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and also, you left off the URL for "In The Now" which is and you have off the hook, but might want to include off the wall as well.

also, that is what the links secion of this site is for. We haven't had time to create a formal site (it is on our list of things to do) but for now we keep them all in the LinkZ forum. Also, look on our calendar, which list the air dates and schedules and stuff.

Eventually, will have a similar linkZ page.


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