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Linux for a kid

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I turned 13 on Dec. 24th and my sister turned 5 on Dec. 30th. I have 3 boxes, two running Gentoo and one FreeBSD. My sister has a computer, it's running Ubuntu and she can use it just fine. Maybe you should just use something like Debian or Slackware or something. If something goes wrong on my sisters computer, then I do generally have to fix it, but she can open apps from the terminal and play games and type with simple text editors and stuff (All of the stuff a 5 year old would want to do). I say just get something like Debian.

Your 5 year old sister has a computer? lmao, what would a 5 year old need a comp for?

Oh and I just got my 12 year old sister on Slackware. I finally got her to take the old comp I was trying to give her and she seems to be liking it. yay leetness. She actually seems to be pretty interested now, I'm teaching her about crap that I would never have expected her to ever care about, which is fuckin amazing :P

Heh, well, she does the usual kid stuff...she plays some online games (on the sites like and such), types random stuff. She doesn't ever really use it that much.


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