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:pissed: Alright alot of newbie phreaks don't have a clue on what phreaking is and what systems are and plus on how shit worx so I decided even though I just registered today to write a file on ANI and give some numbers# to use for fun.

Alright ANI stands for Automated Number Identifaction which is a Add-on system that ESS uses for 911,big bussiness 800 numbers and Operators to have your call when you call. Even *67 won't block it. Have u ever called 911 and *67 it and they still called back to your house and you were trying to convince your mom you didn't do it, well thats ANI alright (Some Phreaks call it Annie for not sounding so technical). Why Big Buisnesses use Annie is because there are services running things like Extenders and Long Distance thingy's, so they use ANI to log every call so Fone Fraud doesn't happen at there company and lose money (which is still happens). 911 also uses ANI for emergencies, Like hmmm.... Say a Lady calls a 911 for a emergency and gets disconneted somehow, after or before the op. says please report your emergency please, then the Annie board which is 10 LEDS light up that show the numbers in LED Lighs and tells the Op. the callers number, When it was dialed what time the call was answered and what buttons where pressed I think, not to sure on buttons but the other stuff is correct, okay anyways and so 911 is able to call back when the line is diconnected.

Also it is very helpful to us Phreakz for when it comes to Beige Boxin' or just plane o' fun. Well if you know what Beige Boxing is then I will go ahead on ANI if not a Beige Box is a modifaction to a phone to get a extenstion on someone elses line to make all static free phone calls and eavsdroppnig for fun. Anyways Ani is usually 800 numberz that you scan and what it does it tell the number your calling from if you don't know, what this does is tell us the number were calling from that is good if a Op. suddenly clicks in and says what are you doing on this line this late at night?? You answer what do you mean I am on my own phone line.. Op. well what number are you calling from well I am calling from xxx-xxx-xxxx, Op. okay sorry for the interruption. It also good for to let your know if your own a PBX or Extender. Also be careful not to use that ANI to much from the same line, Op. pay attention ya know so be careful and have fun. ANAC's stand for Automated Number Accountment Circuit which is local or toll free number that tells back the number from which your calling from, it can be fount in your prefix by scanning for it. ANI2 is a service for which if you called from a payphone and they company only have ANI they couldn't pick it up so ANI2 came into hand where they are able to track down payphone numbers and big Buisness numbers 800 numbers and all kind that can't be found with ANI, Also ANI2 can still trace POTS Home phone lines for you newbies (POTS stands for Plain old Telephone Service like home phonez).

Okay enough enough about all this technical shit you say me too. Alright on with the numbers you say kewl here they are.


1 800-555-1140 ANI2

1 800-555-1180 ANI2

1 800-314-4258 ANAC MCI

1 800-444-4444 ANAC MCI

For a complete list send me e-mail at and tell me and I will send it to u for free or if you want to learn how to obtain them yourself please send me an e-mail at the address and I would like to help thanx



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