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As most of you know, I dont have a computer of my own right now due to lack of funds and such: So instead of sitting around and doing nothing in the short times that I am able to get online with my gf's laptop, a friend and I have gotten together and created a store.

Its my hope that people will buy the quality , cheap items and over time I will be able to get a computer and maybe if Im lucky a ttty//screenreader so I can do more work on the computer without having to borrow my gf's lapptop or beg others for hardware... and once thats done maybe I can help fund opensource stuff (for blind computer users perhaps?)or other charities with it, Im still undecided as goal rigth now is to help the people that help out and get me some much needed hardware.

If you want to see a pic or graphic on something, feel free to let me know; If you provide ideas or help out enough, I hope to be able to give back to the people that do so by providing free items or a small amount of money to them.. either way any help anyone wants to provide would be great, a couple people have already helped in small ways and I am greatfull for it.

The store is at and is in the "Products and Services" part of the site, One of the projects on that site is a linux distro as well... had the site for that for a while, havent been able to work on it due to lack of hardware.. that site is at and is planed to be a redirect to a subdir of the pimpsoft site when I get the time... just another thing I want to do but cant without the hardware i dream of.


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