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Ripping Video

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I posted this video link and it got broken. So I was wondering, is there a way to capture streaming video from a stream, here is the link to the source:

If you can capture this to an avi or mpeg, PM me and I will barter.


Do you know how to convert wmv to mpeg or avi? If you know how to do this than use this method.

1. Download and install Windows Media Recorder. ( You have to get all 3 at once )

2. Open Windows Media Recorder 10.2 (Choose Demo. You won't get the full video unless you pay for it so I think you better buy it. It's worth it in time and money. If time = money.)

3. Click on the link.

Wait until the video you want comes up. Right click on it and select properties. Get URL of Video by highlighting and copying the URL to the clipboard.

4.(In WMV Recorder) Hit the little globe that has "URL's" on it.

Click on "Options" menu and scroll down to "Add URLs / Text"

Since you copied the link to your clipboard everything should be preconfigured. If not go back and do step 3.

5. Highlight the url that you put in and click on "RECORD"

6. A popup comes up and says there are 2 files to record do you want to record them?

Click "Yes" Highlight the one with the numbers in it. or you could do both if you want.

7. Watch it download.

8. Navigate to where you downloaded the file which you chose during install.

9. Change the file ext to wmv or keep it as is.

10 Watch video with WMP or try to find a program to convert it to mpeg or avi. :lol:



You need Windows OS. If you use Linux. This program won't work.

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