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Can anyone point me in the right direction for a reference on abbreviations on a PCB board?

I know R means resistor and TB means terminal block. What are the other letters that can show up on a PCB and what do they stand for?


Just found this:

A = Assembly

B = Fan

BT = Battery

C = Capacitor

CB = Circuit Breaker 4-1

CR = Diode

D = Diode

DL = Delay Line

DS = Lamp

E = Terminal

F = Fuse

FL = Filter

J = Connector, Recept

K = Relay

L = Inductor

M = Meter

P = Connector, Plug

Q = Transistor, Semiconductor

R = Resistor, Potentiometer

RT = Temperature Sensing Element

S = Switch

T = Transformer

TB = Terminal Block

TP = Test Point

U = Integrated Circuit

V = Vacuum Tube, Neon Bulb, Photocell, etc.

VR = Zener Diode

W = Wire, Cable

X = Socket

Y = Crystal Unit

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