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All you hackers gather round because....

TIZ{The Intrahack Zine} Issue 04 is out!

In this issue:

LimeWire Pro 4 all

Getting out of DUIs

More webcams

Google mining guide

antidote update

A new php-fusion exploit

bellsouth doc droppage

Spread Cisco-Lynn project

An in-depth analysis of the alexa toolbar including packet captures

And much much much more!

Get the zine here:

Get back issues here:

If you've enjoyed this zine please vote for us and share the love:

By loading this page you are leeching bandwidth from a fake bank:

*** Moderator Edit: ***

Inline image removed, post a link if you like, but this sort of thing does not belong inline.

*** End Moderator Edit: ***

Send your articles, comments, rants, links, and anything else your sick minds can come up with to

If you want to, you can post your comments below.

We're launching lots of projects right now so it's really fun.


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