Disabling WGA Check : It works!

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Ok, so as you probably know, the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) program blocks access to non-critical windows updates on non legit windows systems. You can still get the critical updates through the XP SP2 automatic updates, but what if you want to download the non-critical ones? (e.g. Windows Media Player 10 or Outlook Express update). I finally found the way to do so on this page:

The method is really simple, and it DOES work (at least for the moment i'm writting these lines).

1. Open the Windows Update page. Now you should see 2 buttons, "Express" and "custom".

2. Before choosing one of them, paste in the address bar : javascript:void(window.g_sDisableWGACheck='all')

and press enter. This will disable the WGA Check.

3. now click on "Express" or "Custom", choose the updates you want, and you won't have any WGA check!

Have fun! :P



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This was already posted about but the interesting development of the week regarding this is someone's already gotten Wine programs to validate and /pass/ WGA. What a useless system _so_ far.


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