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USB Pen Drive Linux

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I've been playing around with installing Linux onto a usb drive for a while.

The first thing I installed was RUNT

It's a nice distro (based on Slackware 10.0's Zipslack) that easily fits onto a 128 mb drive.

RUNT can be run from a vfat partition on a usb drive.

Just the other day I tried putting Slax Killbill onto a usb pen drive as described in this article.

I went through all the steps in the article, and it turns out the file system isn't installed

to the usb drive, as is the case with RUNT. When you install Slax, it basically turns

your usb pen drive into a live boot cd. All of the files are compressed, which makes

room for X packages to be used.

Ater I got slax onto the disk I was never able to boot it up from the usb drive. After

messing with it for a while, I finally decided to boot up the live boot cd. This didn't work

very well either. I finally was able to boot it up, after bypassing the hardware detection

stuff, of course now the computer wouldn't recognize my usb device.

So I decided to scrap Slax and install my own usb linux from Slackware 10.1

People are actually selling Linux on USB drives

Screw that, I was able to get a nice install of Slackware that took up around 250 mb.

The package list is available here

It doesn't have any X applications, but it works fine for my needs.

If you want to try this too, I've written a short tutorial on installing it to a usb pen drive.


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Or if you're lazy and just want a distro with security toolz, the Auditor and STD have scripts that will automatically install onto a pendrive. You can customize from there if you wish...


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