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Action Items

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The plan so far:

- "Hackers of the world, unite!" and videotape your _legal_, _safe_ hacking, phreaking, social engineering, and urban exploration exploits.

- FTP/mail sgements to Stank, who will be Editor-in-Chief

- Apparently, we have numerous volunteers for AMV intro; creative aspects must be discussed

- We have a timeline in mind, but we're not tellin'!

As far as distribution, is a possibility - but that means less RFA archives. Another possiblity is negotiating to have the show hosted on or The show would have high visibility and would drive traffic to the respective site. This would be ideal.

Possible show format:

- 1/2-hour length

- AMV intro

- 5-10 minute segments w/ simple titling and possible contributor selected b.g. music

This is NOT Jackass.

This is showing the world what h/p is about and amazing the SHIT out of them by showing them what they never imagined, what they never knew was right in front of them.

DDP HackTV will 0wN.


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