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Some 411 from my conference

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I am at a Database conference Thursday and Friday (10/17 - 10/18) and of course there are tons of "toys" to play with.

Here is a little 411 in case someone wants to play:


Nova Southeast University:

Library card catalog PCs (search for books) are avaiable. they are lokked down (I think I could have gotten in with a little time, but couldn't do much with all of the "suits" staring at me) but I was able to get a couple of IP address (don't ask how ;) )

When I tried to go outside of the browser to, I got blocked! :pissed: That was the first block of my site! IT wasn';t singled out, it was blocking all non library traffic. -_-

They also had an open lab for students that had a lot more access where I checked my email and posted this thread.

I found some mildly interesting personal stuph in the HISTORY and CACHE, but didnt bother keeping any of it. I deleted my links and left. Maybe tomorrow I will post the linkz at the thread above.

There were about 30 PCs in this lab. Almost all were in use, so some fun "DDP wuz here" or "DDP 0wnZ j00" NET SEND messages might be fun!


I can assume from this limited 411 that they have a class B address (similar to my university) so that they own the block of IPs starting with 137.52.*.*

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone for keeping things going while I am doing the "business thing". I will be back on this weekend to work on the site some more. L8R!


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