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Handbook of Applied Criptography $99.95

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In RFA the book "code" was mentioned.

That made me think of this book

Handbook of Applied Criptography

Price as of November 19, 2002: US $99.95

If you go to this site you can download the book for FREE

CRC Press has generously given us permission to make all chapters available for free download.

The book is in postscript and pdf

Here is the chapters

Chapter 1 - Overview of Cryptography ps pdf

Chapter 2 - Mathematics Background ps pdf

Chapter 3 - Number-Theoretic Reference Problems ps pdf

Chapter 4 - Public-Key Parameters ps pdf

Chapter 5 - Pseudorandom Bits and Sequences ps pdf

Chapter 6 - Stream Ciphers ps pdf

Chapter 7 - Block Ciphers ps pdf

Chapter 8 - Public-Key Encryption ps pdf

Chapter 9 - Hash Functions and Data Integrity ps pdf

Chapter 10 - Identification and Entity Authentication ps pdf

Chapter 11 - Digital Signatures ps pdf

Chapter 12 - Key Establishment Protocols ps pdf

Chapter 13 - Key Management Techniques ps pdf

Chapter 14 - Efficient Implementation ps pdf

Chapter 15 - Patents and Standards ps pdf

Appendix - Bibliography of Papers from Selected Cryptographic Forums ps pdf

References ps pdf

Index ps pdf



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a great book! thx for the link!


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