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More linux books to download

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All the books are PDF just right click and save as

Apache Server Unleashed

Apache Server Unleashed is designed for both the Apache Web developer and the system administrator. Apache Server Unleashed teaches you how to extend the base server through CGI scripts and modules, with extensive advanced coverage on modules.

This book will be the only one on the market that covers both Apache web development and Apache system administration

Linux Programming Unleashed

An expert guide written for intermediate to advanced Linux programmers

Covers how to program core systems, user interfaces, device drives, networks and much more

Practical, tested examples of how to apply the best programming practices in the Linux environment

Maximum Security 2nd Ed.

Security continues to be the predominant concern for any organization that is already on the Internet or considering to be. Never does a week go by without a new report of hackers breaking into computer systems at some government agency, or trashing some Fortune 500 company's Web site, or even stealing user passwords and credit card numbers. In June 1997, this book's first edition immediately shot to the top of several computer security bestseller lists. While undoubtedly some bought the book to learn how to hack, it turns out that the book's most enthusiastic fans were computer security managers who appreciated the book's comprehensive coverage and clear, to-the-point descriptions of the most common techniques hackers use to penetrate systems.

Sams Teach Yourself Gimp in 24 Hours

Rather than simply running down a list of GIMP's capabilities, Sams Teach Yourself GIMP in 24 Hours actually teaches graphic art techniques and web media creation using GIMP. The GIMP is a fairly complex program with many features and capabilities, but not so complex to be beyond the grasp of most competent computer users.

Sams Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours

A step by step guide to using and developing KDE applications on Linux/UNIX systems, Sams Teach Yourself KDE 1.1 in 24 Hours teaches the fundamentals of KDE on various systems. Learn how to navigate the file manager and windows manager, get the most out of numerous tools and utilities, use KDE's wide base of applications, and more. This book also teaches the basics of the configuration and help systems, and shows how to use and get maximum results from the desktop environment.

Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours

All is in the title.

Sams Teach Yourself Linux Mandrake in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself Linux-Mandrake in 24 Hours Starter Kit is a results oriented, step-by-step guide designed to help you learn about the Linux-Mandrake distribution in a non-threatening environment. It gives a tour of the operating system and many of the applications that come with the distribution. After reading this book and working through the exercises, you will be able to install and configure the Linux-Mandrake distribution on a variety of machines and possess a good knowledge of Linux in general.

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That is a good one I don't think I have seen that book anywhere else.

I don't think I have ever seen it in the book stores either.

I had to save them all to my HD I just can't pass up a book on LINUX.


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I have something like it, "Maximum Linux Security" but not just Maximum Security...looks fairly similar though.

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