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JHVH-1 being revamped

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Well, after letting my site sit with hardly any updates for over a year I contacted the guy who hosts my site on IRC saturday, had him install drupal and had it up and running within 30 minutes. I also finally have a shell so I have complete access to my domain!

Anyway, its not really a hacking site. My site focuses on gaming. But since it is my site it isn't your typical popular gaming crap. The focus will continue to be on things like classic gaming (but not just emulator releases like some other half-ass sites!!!) and pocket gaming, and hell anything I feel fits in with the style of the site.

So, anyway.. If you like gaming and/or not following the status quo just because everyone else is then please by all means help my site prosper by participating in discussion and submitting stories/news that I can post. There is a comment system for stories, as well as a small forum section I added and there are news feeds so you can keep updated on the gaming world.

Click here to visit!


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