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yo man,I was reading about the tmobile shit in the txt thing.I just wanted to add something:)

The 805-mes-sage is set-up in a very intresting way.Tmobile has direct numbers to their MPV's (Mobile voice processors) that the 805-mes-sage forwards to based on your calling party number.So if your passing a 616 number and you dial the 805-mes-sage you will get forwarded to the MVP in michigan somewhere and only be able to axys the users vmb in that market..So an easy method to not have to spoof is after you do the takeover just change the password to like 1111 or something or put it back on default (the last four) then call up tmobile backdoor and say this "Hi what areacodes and exchanges do you provide for this area?' then they will tell you and you write that shit down. Then just scan them with 9999 as the last four and you will find where the 805-message

forwards to.So since the user didn't need the password (when calling from their own phone) then its good to you.You would just call up the the number you scanned out and login.If you need someones callback number then ofcourse you would need to passing their calling party number to the MVP/

Theres so much when it comes to these systems in terms of being on default its ridiculus.

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