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I have a home network, with a Netgear WAP. The WAP auto-assigns IP addresses to computers in my home network. My laptop (hp pavilion zd7000) can boot Windows XP and Linux, (Fedora Core 3). The laptop has a built-in wireless ethernet card that it uses to connect to the WAP.

When I boot into Windows XP, I can connect to the network, and surf the internet. When I boot into linux, the OS does not see my wireless home network, and I don't think it sees my built-in wireless ethernet either. It also doesn't see my sound card.

My wireless network card can be activated/deactivated with a special button. My laptop's speakers's volume is also controlled by similar buttons.The wireless network is deactivated because it is not activated during boot, and these special buttons don't work when using Fedora.

Do I need a special driver to turn on the wireless network card?



My desktop runs Fedora only, and has a wireless network card (but not built-in). The desktop can connect to the wireless network and to the internet. The desktop can also play music, so the sound card is working too. This means it is probably the built-in part of the laptop's wireless card and speakers that is causing the problem.

This new topic is posted from my laptop in Windows XP.

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same thing happened to me (but on a desktop)... when i switched back to FC2 it worked just fine...


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