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fake IDs really aren't hard to make. fake passports with real RFID chips in them are available. 90% of latins in miami have them. if over one million latins have them in miami, then it's probably not too hard...


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When you first said dealer, I thought you were talking about a drug dealer.


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talk about frankenstining a post. this was over 2 years old.... so why are we posting responsese to a guy whose probably hasnt been on this forum in... awhile...


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Types of Identification

I would suggest making a State ID or Operator’s license from a state outside of the one that you live in. Most bars, clubs, and liquor stores only accept driver’s licenses or state id cards that are issued by one of the 50 states. Its a good idea to pick a state outside your own, because they would be less familiar with the security features and it would be more difficult for them to spot a fake if it is not the type of id that they are used to seeing.

Evolution of Id Cards

Years ago state id and driver’s licenses were printed on security paper and then laminated, sometimes using holograms. Since then advances in printing and imaging technologies have caused them to put new measures in place to prevent forgery.

Today almost all driver’s licenses are now made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) similar to the material that credit cards are printed on. These new PVC cards can only be printed on using very expensive printers like Fargo or Electron. In order to make a decent PVC ID card you either need to purchase one of these printers for 5-10 thousand or use a new type of material called Teslin which is similar to this PVC material, but can be printed on with either a standard InkJet or a Color Laser printer.

Building a template for a Fake ID

The first step in building a fake id is to make the template for the id. One way of doing this would be to scan a real version of this ID card and then take an imaging program like Coral Draw or Photoshop and meticulously edit the ID until it appears perfect. This method would work, but its very time consuming and once done it will be difficult to alter this template to work for different people.

I would recommend using one of the free ID creation programs out there which are designed to allow businesses to make their own id cards. These programs would allow you to copy a driver’s license or state id and have the ability easily change the information which appears on the card and the photo for each person that you want to make an id. Once the template is complete you can easily swap out the information on the card and change the photo to print the next id card.

Espresso ID is an id program with tons of features that would allow you to build your own card design, add and change id photos, add barcodes and magnetic strip encoding. This program costs $99, however there is a free 30 day trial.

Alpha Card offers an ID software solution with all the latest security features such as barcoding, magnetic strip encoding, holograms, and many other types of new security features. They also offer a free trial.

Printing Materials

You will need to select the right type of material to print on depending on the type of id that you are making. If it is a laminated photo id then photo paper will work the best, however if it is a PVC ID card then you will need a product called Teslin.

This material is fairly new and is an excellent, cost effective way to forge PVC ID’s. This material can be printed by laser or inkjet printers. There is a difference between inkjet and laser Teslin. Obviously the laser Teslin is for laser printer and same with the inkjet. Printing on Teslin with an inkjet does not work well so inkjet Teslin is for this. The inkjet is coated with chemicals to absorb the ink effectively. Once printed on and laminated, Teslin becomes almost exactly like PVC.

More information on Teslin can be found at either www.teslin.com or purchased at


I have also found that there are many vendors on ebay.com selling teslin and other fake id making equipment as well.

Magnetic Strip Encoding For the magnetic strip encoding to work on the id cards you will need either a PVC card stock with a magnetic strip on a laminating pouch with a magnetic strip and a magnetic strip encoder.

You can purchase both card stock with magnetic strips or laminating sheets with magnetic strips as well as the magnetic strip encoder either from www.idsupply.com or off of ebay.

Once you have the proper equipment you will need to read the magnetic encoding off of a real version of the id card that you are copying and determine the algorithm they are using. You can use one of the id programs mentioned above to parse out the encoding and write the appropriate encoding on the magnetic strips for your ids.

Holograms and Lamination

After you have the id template in place, have printed your id card onto the card stock, and have your magnetic strip encoded. You will need to add the hologram to your card.

There are several companies that make custom holograms. Nova Vision, ID Hologram, and some vendors on ebay sell holographic overlays that can be inserted on top of your printed card stock below the lamenating plastic.

After putting the holographic overlay in place you will want to take one of the laminating pouches preferably with 10 mil thickness and laminate the card. I would buy the higher quality laminating pouches either from www.idsupply.com or off of ebay.com.

I would also suggest purchasing a high quality id card laminator like the one above from the same place.


Once you have your template nailed down, your id printed on the card stock, your magnetic strip encoded, your holographic overlay in place, and your card laminated you should be good to go.

It make take a while to get your cards to come out properly. Making good fake id cards is partially having the right equipment, but also part skill. It will take some experience and perhaps a few mistakes to get it down right. However, once you have it nailed it will be extremely profitable. One guy sold his fake ids for around $100 each, it cost him around $8 in materials, so $92 was profit and to pay back what he had invested in his equipment. The demand was so high that he made around 20 ids a day which brought in around $2,000 daily. It can be very profitable.


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