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Found 3 results

  1. V Part Wig have transformed the beauty industry and have taken hairstyling to a whole new height. You can easily style your wigs, color and curl or straighten them, and much more, without even damaging your hair. Heat styling can damage your wigs. However, there are more natural ways in which you can successfully style your wig. You will now have to make sure it stays in place. Because let’s face it, everyone fears the wig coming off and the embarrassment that follows. So today, we are going to talk about how to curl your wig them to give you that perfect look. Ways On How To Curl Your Wig Without Damage Before we start, it’s essential to understand that these are ways to curl your V Part Wig Human Hair. Using Curling Iron Firstly, before you start the procedure, there is a common step, i.e., to clean, dry, and detangle your wig. Now for this procedure, you will have to first part the section which you wish to curl. Use a hair clip to secure the rest of the V Part Curly Wig. In the curling iron, you have to adjust the heat setting to the coldest. Wet the hair and then curl the hair, from top to bottom, around the tool. With Rollers As mentioned earlier, the wig needs to be cleaned and dried and detangled to start the procedure. With rollers, there can be inside rolls and outside rolls. You have to divide the hair into sections and work with a small portion of the hair. You can start by taking a small strand of hair and placing a roller at the tip. Now you will have to start wrapping the hair around the roller, from bottom to top. Using Hot Water Another way of how to curl your wig naturally without using direct heat is by using hot water. You will have to boil water in a vessel. After it's boiling, you will have to take it out and let it cool down to 78 - 82 degrees Celsius. Like the roller method, you will have to wrap a rod around the sections of hair. You will have to use either wooden dowel rods or perm rods to curl. And if you do not have these, you can use any other heat-safe tool like a wooden spoon. Before using perm rods, do not forget to wet the wig with normal water before you start curling. After all the sections are securely secured, you can dip the wig into hot water for 5-10 mins. To get firmer curls, you will have to leave the wig to dry for 3-4 hours with a rod in the hair. Alternatively, to dry, you can use a hairdryer. After it’s dry, you can pull out the rods gently and get the perfect springy curl. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  2. Most wig wearers want to have a most natural-looking wig so that no one can tell it is a wig, so for hundreds of years, many people tried to mimic the real human scalp using materials such as silicone, silk, and now lace. Now, we have a V Part Wig ! You can finally wear your real scalp with leave out or no leave out. What Is A V Part Wig? The v part wig is a new type u part wig, you can call it an upgraded u-part wig, the part shape shows “V”, so we also can call it V Part Wig Human Hair. It was available very long ago. But there are some differences between the classic v part wig and the newly graded ones. This wig is perfect for women who prefer their extensions to look natural and authentic up close in real life. You won’t have to deal with concealing lace holes, aggressive baby hair, or trying to blend a leave-out. Now you can wear your real part with no leave-out or with just v strands of your hair out. Yes, there are many advantages of this upgraded V Part Curly Wig. This is the reason why it has received a lot of attention since it was on the market. Some new users will ask, what is the difference between a v part wig and the traditional u part wig. As there are some users who have shared their real experiences of wearing v part wig and u part wig, now we will share with you some content here: V Part Wig VS U Part Wig User1 asked: Can you guys tell me the difference or the advantages/disadvantages of each? User2 replied: I think it's personal preference or as in my case a couple of times the wefts are stiff and it's difficult to get them to lay flat in that u-shape. User3: It is a personal preference. I usually make mine V, that just makes for less hair for me to leave out. I don't like a lot of hair out. You can always make a slim U. User4: Yep exactly and also if you have thin/fine hair the V shape is much better. I have been wanting to take down my U part wig because with my thinning hair at the top I can barely cover the tracks. I have a V part wig but that was made with a lace closure that I cut a slit in the middle and it made a V. User5: So, I have thin and fine hair, and was wondering about the V part.. the thing I was scared about with it is that the point of the V area will be hard to cover because of the tiny amount of real hair that meets that part. I don't know if the makes sense.. but I keep trying to picture it, and it seems like my hair wouldn't be enough to cover the pointed part of the V. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit
  3. V Part Wig are wigs that are made into a V shape structure. The tracks of the weave are sewn onto a wig cap with an opening. The opening of the wig is left for your natural hair to go through. What makes these wigs even better is that you have the chance to be truly versatile with your hairstyle. V Part Wig Human Hair can be made into multiple sizes and are readily adjustable to fit your head shape. V part wig is the new U part and the upgrade U part wig which is Leave out 99%-100% less hair than a U part wig. How To Make A V Part Wig Step 1: Pin the V part wig cap on the foam head, then draw the V-shaped part First of all, you can choose the wig cap and use some pins to type the wig cap on the foam head, especially four corners. Then draw a V Part Curly Wig on the wig cap according to your preference. Although a white dressmaker's chalk will work well here, you can use a colored eyeliner to finish this job as well. Step 2: Sew in hair bundles On the Wig Cap You can use a C-curved needle to bring the thick black thread down across the weft. Then push the needle through the wig cap and out again. Continue sewing until you reach the other side. In the process of sewing, it would be better to anchor the weft to the wig cap with a double knot before you cut off any strings, which will be completely secure and sturdy. Step 3: Take the wig off the foam head and secure the V-shaped part Once you take the wig off the foam head, you must use threads to sew in the wefts around the V-shaped part line just to make sure everything is completely secure. Step 4: Cut off the V-shaped part You can use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the wig cap right along the V-shaped part lines that you drew. Of course, please do not cut right next to the left weft. Step 5: Add the clips and adjustable straps to the inside of the V part wig cap We sincerely recommend you sew two combs to each side of the V-shaped part, making the teeth of these combs face away from the V-shaped part. Besides, nothing is better than sewing three combs to the nape and both sides of the V part wig, with the teeth facing away from the hem. I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit