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Found 10 results

  1. Are there any good toll free numbers to call from a payphone? (Ringback, ANAC, etc) Thanks! -whixrr
  2. (Out of curiosity) Does anyone know anything about answering machine hacking? I know a string that enters every possible two digit number. (12345678987654321357924686429731474193366994488552277539596372582838491817161511026203040506070809001) If anyone has experience, please leave a reply below.
  3. Would you use "Phreaking" as an action or a activity? EX:I am a phreaker EX:I am a phreak EX2:I just phreaked that payphone. How do you guys use the word? Personally, I never say "i phreaked it" or "Thats how he phreaked that system"
  4. I have noticed that all (or most?) toll free number prefixes, end in a repeated digit. (example) 911 800 888 877 866 etc But, 411 is an exception. Does anyone know what that is about? Or is it just for people to know if something is toll free? Anyways, Thanks for posting!
  5. There are Millennium Payphones in my area (206 WA) If anyone has info, please reply Answers : pc-oholic Questions : whixrr Q:Can you use Millenium payphones as DTMF decoders? (using the screen as a monitor and playing the DTMF tone into the handset mic?) A: Once you are in a call, they can decode TTY-text, so they should be able to also decode DTMF. Q:Does anyone know if the Millennium payphone's dial tone is fake? I think that they are, because every 5 seconds, a automated voice says "Please Insert Coin or Card" etc A: This is correct. It is fake. Q:This may be difficult to understand, but you will if you try it.) I am questioning that the DTMF tones that you press are not controlling the actual line. I believe that because you dial, then wait for the call, you hear the DTMF (that you dialed by hand) digits dialing faster, (by a machine) Does anyone know what this is about? A:That is correct, too. Between you punching in the number and the phone dialing, a lot can actually happen: For example the phone making a modem-connection to the NCC to get the rate, etc. Q:Also, I have found out that when you dial 0 (operator) and wait, the machine doesn't play the 0 DTMF tone, it plays a longer number to call the operator. Does anyone know what this is about? A:You can program the phones to do pretty much every thing you want... Besides 0, almost all N11-numbers for (except 911) are just "aliases" to local phone numbers... And sometimes, they even alias local phone numbers (think of 411 -> 555-1212 -> XXX-555-1212 to treat every "request for information"-call at the same point of contact). If anyone has any more info or questions, post them below.
  6. 1-952-652-0000 This number is a payphone emulator, you can redbox it and such.
  7. If anyone knows any single tone phreaking frequencies, please post them below. (examples) 2600hz-seized trunks back in the day 1100hz-Fax presence (yet to be explored)
  8. I was calling my friend (locally) and I was whistling and then I heard, "Please Enter Password" I am thinking that i must have whistled the one of the DTMF frequencies for the asterisk key. (The key that asks for remote operation) Any thoughts?
  9. (THE STORY) I recently ordered a TRS-80 model 100 and I have been waiting for it to come, (probably going to come on 3/23/15) I started creating a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Tone Dialer. And I noticed that you cannot just input frequencies, you have to enter the weird musical code, so I found the musical code and converted freq to code (example: 2600hz = 940) If anyone has knowledge on how to play two tones at once, please reply. (THE QUESTION) If anyone has knowledge on how to play two tones at once using the sound command, please reply. (The sound command uses the musical code, then timing. (For example, 2600hz for 3/4th of a second = SOUND 940,100 ) whixrr
  10. Hey BinRev, this is my Third post. I was wondering if anyone knows how to do anything interesting with Wimactel Payphones. If you know any of these things, please post. *interesting toll-free numbers ...... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, on to the post You cant red/bluebox them as the mics are muted. I haven't tried "Punching" a local call with a nail. (as seen in wargames) But I believe that the coin box is plastic. (cant complete circuit) I guess I could beige box them, but that looks very suspicious. And, the wires go strait into concrete. (Through the stand) There is a 32 digit code that works on most payphones to empty the coin box ( 24998-24001-29190-90467-59718-7429-087 ) ( I'll make another post about this ) but I don't think that that will work Here are some images of them. Wimactels have a lcd screen on them that says "Welcome, Please insert coin" and that kind of thing. If can do anything interesting, please tell! -whixrr