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Found 1 result

  1. Cable companies often have things hiding on undocumented channels, and I sometimes scan around to see what I can find. Typically these are just everyday things such as subscriber's onDemand movies or otherwise uninteresting Wildfeeds. Occasionally more juicy things pop up, like supposedly-private video-conference sessions and other things thought to be unavailable to anyone except their intended recipient(s). A few weeks ago, while alone in a 24-hour Daytona Beach Gym at 4:30am, I stumbled onto a Fedora Login prompt hiding on a very high sub-channel. The quality was awful, as if the signal had been converted from digital to analog, then back to digital. While this could be any number of Linux-based video servers, the sub-channel was 911, a curious number not often used for things of little importance. The only 3 sub channels for 86 were 1, 2, and 911. Until this discovery, I was not even aware that DTV sub-channels went that high. I have no idea what this is, but did find a mention of a similar discovery in Arizona. Does anyone know what this is for? Any speculation?