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Found 1 result

  1. im sure its been asked but i figure gonna post anyways just to make some traffic lol.. the question is. do you have any tips for creating your own "format(s)" other than the obvious.. writing/typing out literally every thing it needs to have as far as data? now the specifics would be that im working on a project in c where im basically making dnd as a 'shell' if you want to call it that.. in that its a text game which you just type in what you want to do like.. can just type in balance, and then it runs some stuff to do a balance check, can type in the other program names since i haven't added them as functions at this point as its dnd so there's already like 60+ of them so not sure what all i would need as far as pointers to move all the variables.. also speeds up the compiling when i make these new functions as i don't have to compile the entire program.. none of that is really needed to know but.. making a quest/job 'engine' i guess you could call it.. so instead of having the jobs/quests compiled into the program it seems more useful to have them external and have it just gather the data from those files.. so i need to make a 'format' for which this data will be stored, instructing the program what type of job/quest it is to use the appropriate loops/sections of the program because different ones will need different calculations/have different amounts of text. a very simple example would be.. guy offers you to move boxes into store room from a cart out front. so the string for that offer, if you accept then you moving the boxes, then a string for when you tell him you have finished of him paying you/saying whatever. where if this had been some bandits ransacking a town, you may have also had to talk to the bandits during the confrontation and being that that's a fight/battle would require a lot more calculations/variables than the earlier box example. so at this point there is no program to model the files after, nor the files to model the program since its a fairly specific job which i want to use the least amount of data i can figure out how to get away with. so the tips would be for a entirely new thing, not expanding on anything already existing or what have you.. and yes i know terrible grammar etc.. lol