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Found 26 results

  1. Is this a new kind of Sticker shock? I see it at a lot of places but blockbuster is the worst. They put so many fucking stickers on the movies that I can’t even figure out the title! Source
  2. This picture came from my favorite swap shop in south Florida. There is a clear language barrier there but intentionally putting up a letter upside-down? Source
  3. I have to to give credit to my buddy inph3rn0 for finding this on reddit after we were discussing results of the California vote to legalize marijuana. NOTE: The fail is that this was posted on Wednesday, the day after the elections. Source
  4. Ok so the pictures mean nothing without this story: These pictures of vending machines that sell condoms was taken at a school in the Bronx. Nothing wrong with that I guess. One interesting point was that it was an ALL-GIRLS school. But that is also good. Girls can learn responsibility as well. The fail here is where this vending machine was located. It was in the FACULTY ONLY bathroom in the secured EMPLOYEE ONLY section of the all girls catholic school in the Bronx. If your kid goes to an all girls school on the Bronx you might want to keep an eye on her teachers. Source
  5. It looks fine on the top of the package but there is apparently no spell checking on the bottom of the package. Source
  6. This ad was in a subway station near times square. As you can see I use red. <a href="">Source</a>
  7. If I can’t cross the fucking red line? Source
  8. No that isn’t a typo in the subject. It is making fun of this fail. I snapped this picture on a tender ship while visiting a friend of mine in the cayman islands. It makes you and your “chlidren” feel safe doesn’t it? Source
  9. This stock ticker screen in manhattan failed thanks to a wonderful Microsoft windows error. But what makes this extra crispy double ironic fail is that the stock that was on the screen when it failed… You guessed it: MSFT Also bonus fail is included with the stockholder only conference call number and password right on the screen. There is just so much wonderful fail in this picture that I want to frame it and hang it on my wall. Source
  10. I saw this windows error message on an arcade game in a times square restaurant. I am guessing that it has something to do with tracking tokens and timing on the prepaid cards system that they use. It’s always a great idea to add another point of failure to any system that you can. <a href="">Source</a>
  11. Strange place to put eyes? Right by the restrooms in the subway in lower manhattan. I have gotten so that I can’t poop without someone watching me. It’s always safer to have a spotter. Source
  12. I found it in Tortola of the British virgin islands. I expected something cooler and harder to find. Source
  13. This was on the television in the cabin of a cruise ship that I was on. I wonder how often they have to reboot the ship? Source
  14. It only took 3 seconds to sneak this snapshot when the employee turned around at my car rental counter in las Vegas. You gotta love passwords on post-it notes. Source
  15. Taken while crossing the street down in Brooklyn. I stood there for 6 hours before finally giving up and going the long way around the block. Source
  16. So let me get this straight. I got 74 points and finished in 9th place. But the winner only got 73 points? I am not a mathematician but I am pretty sure that I learned about > and < in grade school. Source
  17. Poor wolverine just isn’t the draw he used to be. Now he is resigned to sitting in the hallways at comic book conventions like megacon in Orlando. Source
  18. Besides discussing the reliability and professionalism of a place in Chinatown NYC that has a washed out and faded sign. I just can’t help find it interesting that a 23 minute massage is unusually precise. Maybe it is 20 for the “rub” and 3 more for the happy ending “tug”? Source
  19. I snapped this in the airport in san Francisco a few months ago. Iron man powered by oracle? I am not getting anywhere near that thing. Insert into shit_that_can_kill_me_on_accident_table values (‘iron man powered by oracle’); Source
  20. If you cannot park one of those little smart cars into a full sized parking spot then you should not be driving at all…unless clowns pour out of that little thing. That would make it cooler but you still fail. Source
  21. Is this little fucker flipping me off? He is. They all are…from every direction! Well fuck you too you little asswipes! Source
  22. Are you kidding me? Like the sign content itself isn’t weird enough (posted at the HOPE hackers conference in NYC in 2010) you put it up without a date and time? Really? How the fuck do I “stay tuned” to a sign? Do you expect everyone who is interested to come back and hang out by the sign until you figure out where and when you are going to rape them all? Here is a protip for you: DON’T POST THE SIGN UNTIL YOU KNOW WTF YOU ARE DOING! Source
  23. I saw Elmo just outside of the subway station on 34th street in Manhattan but then again two weeks later in Las Vegas. In both cases he was begging for handouts and scraps of food. I’m pretty sure he offered one guy a “half and half” in exchange for a sandwich. Get a job hippie! Notice that he is accompanied in NYC by Spongebob but below, he seems to be joined by a broke-ass Mario and some ghetto Ninja Turtles. I know that it is hot in Las Vegas but put on the whole costume FFS! Elmo doesn’t wear jeans and a red t shirt! You’re not even trying! Update by ntheory: Looks like he ended it all… sad. A desperate cry for help Source
  24. You don’t see these animals together in nature but somehow the new York subway system brings all of the fail together. Source
  25. The wall of sheep at defcon every year is full of fail. These are from 2010. Source