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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there Forum. I recently aquired a payphone from a run down gas station and have poked the program button a few times. However, I still can't make free calls even though I've programmed the board to do so. This is a Protel board model xk7000. I can program the free number ok, but for any other call, like 10 digit, 7 digit, it doesn't seem to do anything. I think I may need the ExpressNet software to " really " re-program this thing. I would appreciate any links to download ExpressNet or maybe a file transfer could be arranged. It seems like Google is hiding a lot about ExpressNet.
  2. Hi! A couple years ago, I had downloaded a copy of the Expressnet files from the "COCOT software" thread (from thoughtphreaker.omghax site) but I ended up accidentally deleting the files. Does anyone have a copy of the archive files, since the thoughtphreaker site happens to be down. I have tried a couple times, over the last couple days and the site appears to be down long-term, since I am just getting a Cloudflare 522 error. If thoughtphreak is reading this, is this your site, and if so, do you have the files available anywhere? Thanks! [real name buhleeted] (AKA "wembley" - I forgot that I had used my old phreak handle when I signed up here!)