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Found 13 results

  1. Look at me! I am qualified to be a cyber security czar...person..hacker...dude...something or other.
  2. I have been slowly but surely uploading episodes of Binary Revolution Radio to our downloads module after a long drought of not having a valid archive. I customized the section include air dates and show hosts and I have been copying over show notes (which has been an adventure since HTML does not always play well with BBCODE) and as I do this I am reminded of a lot of great times with great friends. I ended the show after 4 seasons because towards the end, it started to become a chore and a burden because expectation were there every week for people and I was trying to keep everyone happy but at the cost of my own enjoyment of the show. When I realized this, I knew that it was time to end it. But man, while I was doing it, even the last stressful episodes, I had a blast. This was one of the funnest things that I ever did in my life. It was me along with some of my best friends just talking tech and hacking and just being ourselves and doing what we do. We were thinking, challenging boundaries, questioning authority and taking stances on what we believed in. We were learning and teaching at the same time. We were laughing, joking around, and even, on some pathetic occasions, singing. I bore my soul on that show sometimes. I look back and do not regret anything I ever said on that show and if you really want to know who StankDawg really is and what he is all about, just go back and listen to these shows. That was me. That *is* me. I am not, nor have I ever been, fake and I know exactly who I am. You will not find me saying or doing one thing and then going on livejournal or a blog somewhere and pretending to be someone that I am not to people that don't even know the real me. If you listened to those episodes, you already know the real me.
  3. I created a new masthead for our real DDP "blawg" over at I suck at graphics, but this was simply some cropping and resizing and some CSS edits. I think it looks ok, but if anyone wants to donate and create something new and better, be my guest!
  4. NOTE: this was originally posted on the same date in 2004, not 2006. The DDP is proud to announce the addition of a very talented new member who many of you already know. We are glad to announce that PsypherX is our newest member! If you frequent our forums, you have seen his fantastic work in the form of our official DDP skin which he created with little or no input from me. I just said that it should somewhat match the rest of the site and he created what you see there now. But that is not the only project he has assisted with... He also worked very closely with me on the cover for issue 3.1 (the fourth issue overall) of our magazine. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted it to look like (unlike the forum skin) and that makes it very difficult to work with me. He made an amazing cover that you will all be seeing very soon. Besides those 2 HUGE projects, we also designed several of our link boxes and has contributed a lot of art to our gallery. Everything that he designs is just digitally sexy. The DDP roster grows by one more member today and we are very happy to have PsypherX on board.
  5. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2004, not 2006. The DDP welcomes it's newest member BlackRatchet into the mix. I noticed BlackRatchet from his work on the YAPL project (YAPL = Yet Another Payphone List) and his knowledgeable answers to programming questions in IRC and on the BinRev forums. I also liked his self-assigned project of putting an LED sign online. I began working closely with him on an upcoming project and realized that he not only has the technical skills but he also as a great attitude and willingness to help out and cooperate for the betterment of the community. With a bio like his, I can tell you he has a lot of knowledge and experience to share. BlackRatchet is 24 and lives in the NorthEast United States. He is an application developer by day and a fellow code monkey by night. He has his BS (Bachelors of Science) degree in Computer Engineering Technology and is skilled in C/C++, Perl, and PHP. He also has a deep knowledge of exploits and penetration testing and general "hackish behavior". We welcome him into the DDP roster which is filled with some extremely talented and well educated people. He is already fitting in well and we are glad to have him on board. You will be hearing a lot from him in the future.
  6. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. Over the past year or so, many things have been happening in the DDP. Some of us have had to unplug. Some unplugged permanently, some unplug temporarily, and some are mysteriously silent about the whole thing. This does not mean that the DDP is not still alive and kicking. I am proud to announce 3 new members of the DDP: Dr^ZigMan, droops, and LogosX. Many of you who have been around us for a while are already very familiar with all of these people. But what qualifies making the leap into the DDP? First of all, the DDP doesn't actively "recruit" members. We do not have certain tests or challenges that we require for membership. That is just silly to me. Testing someone's technical ability only shows you one small aspect of their personality and abilities. I think about it much differently than that. I have known some extremely intelligent and technical people in my years. I hate to be blunt, but they aren't scarce. But a select few rise to the top and those are the ones that catch my eye. You see, I have been around for a long time. I can tell who knows what they are talking about and who is just fronting. I don't need a test or initiation to some quantify someone's technical ability. To me that is a given. Everyone in DDP has some sort of technical expertise and can certainly represent us on a technical level right along with the best. Instead of some sort of meaningless evaluation, I look for something else entirely. Technical proficiency is a given in DDP. But what else do I do to determine a good fit for the DDP? There are two things that sound really simple but are amazingly in short supply in the hacker community these days. Technical ability without both productivity, and a good attitude, is wasted. What do I mean by productivity? Well, you may know a particular programming language inside and out, but what have you done with it? And no, acting superior to everyone in IRC does not count. If you have the skills, why aren't you using them for something productive? Look at any member of DDP and look at what they have accomplished in the hacking community. There are bunches of links here and on to DDP projects and member sites. We apply the knowledge that we have not only through personal projects, but through public projects that we share with the rest of the hacking community. You can be sitting there with all of the technical ability in the world, but if you aren't doing anything with it, you are wasting your talent. You will not get anyone attention by complaining, whining, and acting "holier than thou". This leads me to the second thing that all DDP members have. A positive attitude sounds like some sort of motivational speaker buzzword, but it isn't that cliche. It has become very rare for people in the hacking community to have a positive, helpful, and friendly attitude in general. Everyone thinks that to earn the respect of your peers in the hacking world is to attack each other and perpetuate elitism, which I despise more than anything in the world. I take pride in the fact that every member of the DDP has alwyas been a good person first and foremost. They are always helpful and approachable. They answer questions whenever they can and we, as a group, are trying to change the world of hacking by teaching people that hacking isn't about trying to gain fame by trampling over others. It is about working together so that we all benefit as a community. All 3 of our new members fit perfectly in this criteria. Take a moment to meet them and you will see what I see. Good hackers, yes, but more importantly, good people. Hacking is supposed to be fun and we intend to keep it that way.
  7. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. The wait for HackTV was a long one. We were learning a lot as we went along, making mistakes and then having to fix them. I think we are finally learning from those mistakes because the wait between episode 2 and episode 3 was much shorter. This episode contains 4 segments and some more hilarious outtakes. This episode contains a segment on geocaching, Bar Game Kiosk Hacking, Hacking Conference overview, and hacking laserlocks. There are also a few (more than one) little hidden surprises in there for you to look for. Thanks to Dr^ZigMan for his great work on this project!
  8. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. I got home from presenting at Defcon 13 and sometime over the weekend, the new Summer 2005 issue of 2600 magazine came out. It contained the article that I just presented on at Defcon entitled "Hacking Google Adwords" which can be found below if you keep reading. This was my 9th article to be published by 2600. The article was submitted to them around 6 months ago (give or take a month) and I continued my research on the topic as I put together my presentation for Defcon and I found a whole lot of other interesting things that were demonstrated in my presentation that I had not found when I wrote the article. The article is posted on and the powerpoint presentation is right here: .
  9. NOTE: this was originally posted on the same date in 2005, not 2006. The AdWords program is an advertising system used by Google. It is a pay-per-click system like may others but Google doesn't give it the attention to design that it deserves. Not only does Google take some liberties with the Terms of Service and what they allow and don't allow in the program, but also have several flaws in the logical design of the system. There are several loopholes in this system and they will be explained and demonstrated with proof of concepts for every example. There is also an upcoming article on this topic. UPDATE!!! I was just informed that my speaking time has been moved to 3 PM Friday, July 29 on track 3 in the Apollo room! These people do not seem to have it all together, so all I can say is to check the schedule and see what other changes they make. UPDATE!! 09/28/2005 - The mp3 file is floating around in the internet, so I am putting it up here for you to download.
  10. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. I mentioned on Binary Revolution Radio about a month or two ago that I passed the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exam. Just this past week, I finally got a welcome packet with my printed certificate (which was very unimpressive) along with some other things. I went from the stereotypical evil hacker to Certified Ethical Hacker and a "security professional" in the matter of a few hours. Does anyone out there really think that I am any different for having this piece of paper? Also included in the packet was a sticker for the back window of a car that reminds me of those found at universities. I do not foresee myself putting this on the "StankMobile" anytime soon. I also received a congratulation letter and some little papers repeating the mindwash of what an "ethical hacker" is supposed to be in their minds. The final thing that was in the packet, and the thing that was most interesting to me, was a small business card sized CD with a linux distro on it. The CD itself said "CEH" on the front along with the word "membership card" and I got a little bit excited wondering if they had developed their own special little security distro. I always like playing with new bootable security distros. I was very disappointed to find out that the disc was nothing more than LNX-BBC with a different label on it. It has not been updated since 2003 and seems to be a dead distro, regardless of what their page says. If it hasn't been updated in 2 years, it is dead. I really should have expected that, but oh well. I knew what I was getting into with that certification and I am still glad that I got it, just for the factor of knowing that I can pass an exam based on their view of what a hacker is. Of course when they say I'm an "ethical hacker" and I say that I'm an "ethical hacker" we are describing two totally different people.
  11. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. Starting this weekend, the worlds phirst hacking/phreaking reality radio show begins! It is a LIVE show appearing EXCLUSIVELY on DDP HackRadio and YOU can easily participate. This will be an enormously phun project that anyone can get involved in. It was another "phirst of its kind" project that required some interest setup and coding on our part. Nottheory did a phantastic job in coding up the interface and the connections between servers. Click below for more information. We have set up a system that allows multiple users to call in to the BellsMind PBX and participate in the show. The show itself is really not a formal show like many of the others that we have done in the past. This is a freestyle show that is really just a conference call that is streamed live over the internet. That is what makes it a "reality" show. We have no idea who is going to be doing what. Ideally, we would like to think that it will be a lot of phun phone calls and maybe some light-hearted jokes and phone system "exploration". We would also love to see people take it upon themselves to bring actual topics of discussion phor everyone, but that may be a little too organized phor this type of show. The reality aspect of the show will be interesting to observe as well. While we hope and encourage people to enjoy the show, and while we will be liberal with the content, we also realize that some people will just be the complete jerks that they are and try to ruin it phor everyone. There will be people who try to TONE out the line and others who will spout abusive and offensive language. While we will allow an almost unlimited amount of phreedom, if someone does cross the line to the point where they endanger themselves or others, or commit act of an illegal nature, we do have an administrative system written to address these issues and kick people phrom the conference if they become a problem. We are also in the process of implementing some other phun pheatures such as the ability to vote off other callers like the television reality shows (a la Survivor, the apprentice, etc...). These changes, when implemented, along with phull instructions (including the call-in number) can be phound at and all changes/announcements will be posted there phirst!!
  12. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. The spoiler below as the original post that I made here. The post that you see below was made after April fools day was over... Despite the hopes and wishes of a lot of people, I am NOT in custody at this time nor is the site down. It was just a little April Fools joke! The original post is listed below and it was corroborated by several other sites which made it all the more real. I'm sorry to burst your bubble with the reality, but it was all just a joke. ********** Original Post Below **********
  13. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. I just found out today that an article of mine was published in the Winter 2004/2005 Issue of 2600 magazine. The topic is "Hacking Star Search" and shows how vulnerable and poorly designed their online voting system is. It uses the same voting engine that every other poll on the site uses instead of a special secure version for this particular show (which awards a $100,000 cash prize. Luckily, I think the show has been canceled since I originally wrote this article. I will put this file up on DocDroppers with the rest of my articles sometime soon.