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Found 2 results

  1. hi, im new here. i have been trying to replicate what adrian crenshaw did with his teensy, the info i used for it can be found here : using a teensy 2.0, i followed his examples, and soldered an 8 position DIP switch using pins 3-10 and used a common ground as shown in his diagram i then installed the latest version of arduino, the teensy loader, and teensyduino as shown in his setup video. i then copied the phukdlib 4.0 into the libraries folder. in arduino, i set the board to 'teensy 2.0' and the usb option to 'keyboard, mouse, joystick'. arduino successfully uploaded the example sketch 'libdev' to the teensy without showing any errors, but when i try to use any of the switches, nothing happens. it did open a program once, but not the one it was supposed to, and it opened it three times in a row. after this, i have had absolutely no luck. i have tried it multiple times on different machines that i own. it hasnt worked for windows vista, 7, or 10. i have tried uploading the sketch in ubuntu with the same results. if anyone has any idea what i might have done wrong, please let me know. i really want to get this working. if i've been to vague, i can reply with more info. thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all. I am trying to make an Arduino program to make a noise when my cat jumps onto the counter (a regular problem). I got the code for the PIR motion sensor I have (parallax #910-28027). I tried to get an LED to light first so that I could test my code. It didn't work. Here is the code: const int motion_1 = 2;const int light_1 = 13;const int LED = 10;int val = 0;int old_val = 0;int state = 0;void setup(){ pinMode (motion_1,INPUT); pinMode (light_1, OUTPUT);} void loop (){ digitalWrite (light_1,LOW); delay(1000); //this delay is to let the sensor settle down before taking a reading int sensor_1 = digitalRead(motion_1);\ if (sensor_1 == HIGH){ digitalWrite(light_1,HIGH); delay(500); digitalWrite(light_1,LOW); delay(500); } val = digitalRead(light_1); if ((val==HIGH) && (old_val==LOW)){ state = 1 - state; delay(10); } old_val = val; if (state == 1) { digitalWrite(LED,HIGH); } else { digitalWrite(LED,LOW); }} Can you give me a bit of help? Thanks in advanced.