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Found 45 results

  1. Version


    March 2014, An Address to the Secret Society of PoC||GTFO concerning the Gospel of the Weird Machines and also the Smashing of Idols to Bits and Bytes by the Rt. Revd. Dr. Pastor Manul Laphroaig
  2. File Name: PoC||GTFO 0x03 File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 21 Mar 2015 File Category: PoC||GTFO Original Release Date: March 2014 March 2014, An Address to the Secret Society of PoC||GTFO concerning the Gospel of the Weird Machines and also the Smashing of Idols to Bits and Bytes by the Rt. Revd. Dr. Pastor Manul Laphroaig Click here to download this file
  3. Version


    December 2013, Children's Bible Coloring Book of PoC||GTFO Issue 0x02, an Epistle to the 30th CCC Congress in Hamburg
  4. File Name: PoC||GTFO 0x02 File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 21 Mar 2015 File Category: PoC||GTFO Original Release Date: December 2013 December 2013, Children's Bible Coloring Book of PoC||GTFO Issue 0x02, an Epistle to the 30th CCC Congress in Hamburg Click here to download this file
  5. Version


    October 2013, An Epistle to the 10th H2HC in São Paulo, From the writing desk, not the raven, of Rt. Revd. Preacherman Pastor Manul Laphroaig
  6. File Name: PoC||GTFO 0x01 File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 21 Mar 2015 File Category: PoC||GTFO Original Release Date: October 2013 October 2013, An Epistle to the 10th H2HC in São Paulo, From the writing desk, not the raven, of Rt. Revd. Preacherman Pastor Manul Laphroaig Click here to download this file
  7. Version


    August 2013, An epistle from the desk of Rt. Revd. Pastor Manul Laphroaig
  8. I ordered a TRS-80 Model 100 yesterday night, and I got an emulator ( and I found out that you could output sound. So, like a good phreak, I tune to 2600hz, add a cool textart logo, and boom. 2600hz tone on the tip of a button. (This is for Nostalgic reasons, I dont plan on using this) But, once the TRS-80 model 100 comes, I will rewrite the program on that, and take a video. I am new to basic programming, so it is not beautiful, but it does the trick. If any of you guys have ever done things like this, reply to this topic and tell me. I am interested in creating a DTMF Dialer software, but, the model 100's sound output is meant for creating music, not tones, so sadly, I cant just input the frequencies and assign them to each number. [ (EXAMPLE) 2600hz = 940 ] (The model 100 will probably come on the 23.) whixrr [EDIT] IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO PLAY TWO TONES AT ONCE (using the "sound (pitch),(time)" commands, please reply.
  9. (THE STORY) I recently ordered a TRS-80 model 100 and I have been waiting for it to come, (probably going to come on 3/23/15) I started creating a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Tone Dialer. And I noticed that you cannot just input frequencies, you have to enter the weird musical code, so I found the musical code and converted freq to code (example: 2600hz = 940) If anyone has knowledge on how to play two tones at once, please reply. (THE QUESTION) If anyone has knowledge on how to play two tones at once using the sound command, please reply. (The sound command uses the musical code, then timing. (For example, 2600hz for 3/4th of a second = SOUND 940,100 ) whixrr
  10. say you know the chip set for a target system, and you've already coded (or know the instruction code) to shut the system down. can you (only using binary code) execute this task? or hacking through binary is impossible?
  11. Hi guys, I'm new to the world of pentesting and want to setup my lab at home for practice. I'm thinking of following hardware and S/W config for my system. Please let me know your thoughths on this. Intel i3/i5 (3.2 ghz) 8 gb DDR3 ram 250 GB HDD Windows 7 64 bit) Kindly let me know your thoughts on this.
  12. Dear Security Gurus, 6th year | CFP opens on 6th Aug 2014 | conference on 6th Feb 2015. Welcome to nullcon 666! Bring out the beast in you. we are happy to open the Call For Papers. Time to tickle your gray cells and submit your research. Training: 4th-5th Feb 2015 Conference: 6th-7th Feb 2015 CFP 666 ======= Website - Submit under any of the below options Papers (40 mins - 1 hr) Events (Sub-events, Competitions, CTF, BOFs) Recreation (Fun events, Games, Parties, Tech Rock bands, Djs) Tutorials (2-3hrs Workshops, hacking villages) Submission Topics ============== - Anything that aligns with our motto - "The neXt security thing!" is welcome. - And as a special consideration for 666 anything beastly devilish is also welcome. Categories ======== The talk time duration includes time for questions and answers (5-10 minutes) - New Research Category (40 mins - 1 hr) - is a deep knowledge technical track that includes new research, tools, vulnerabilities, zero days or exploits. - Desi Jugaad (30 mins - 1 hr) - is our signature new research category talk and includes any local hacks. This category is dedicated to hackers who find innovative tech/non-tech solutions for real-life challenges. - Current Research Category (30 mins - 1 hr) - comprises of known security issues, case studies, twist to an existing research, tool, vulnerability, exploit or research-in-progress. Although this track is fairly technical, it covers known techniques, analysis and research already published or presented even though there might be some additions to it. - Tool Category (30 mins - 1 hr) - Comprises of open source security tools, exploits, frameworks etc. This is an excellent opportunity for the original authors to showcase their software to the world. Submission Format =============== Email the paper to: cfp _a_t_ The subject should be: CFP Goa 2015 < Paper Title > Email Body: 1. Name 2. Handle 3. Talk Category (Mentioned above i.e. - For talks - new research/current research/desi Jugaad/tool. - For other things - Event/Recreation/Tutorials) 4. Time required (including 5-10 mins of QA) 5. Paper Title 6. Country (and City) of residence 7. Organization and Designation 8. Contact Number 9. Have you presented or submitted this paper at any other conference(s) or magazine(s)? Yes, No. If yes, where? and how this submission is different from the previous ones. Note that new research talks already given elsewhere or are due to be given elsewhere prior to nullcon will be considered as current research category talks unless they consist of cutting edge and ground breaking technology, which is at the judgment of the review committee. 10. Are you releasing an open source tool? Yes/No. (If yes, please include the source code for review) 11. Are you releasing an exploit? Yes/No. (If yes, please include the source and vulnerability details for review) 12. Are you releasing a new vulnerability/Zero-day? Yes/No. (If yes, please send us the details, including reproduction procedure, for review) 13. Why do you think your paper is different/innovative (for all categories) and how does it qualify as new work/research(for Research category only)? 14. Are there any live demonstrations (These earn you good points during review)? Yes/No. (If Yes, how many? Also please explain each demo) 15. Brief Profile ( less than or equal to 500 Words) 16. Paper Abstract Please provide detailed working or your research/work. The more details you provide the better it is for the reviewers. Please keep the abstract to the point. Please do not try to hide the technical details or say "I can't disclose it till bla bla" as it does not help the reviewers in any way and may give your paper a low score because of insufficient information available in the abstract. 17. Your high resolution photo (attached) Note ==== - Only the original authors should submit their research and any submission from a third party will be rejected. - The Abstract should clearly mention the techniques and hacks in detail and merely mentioning that it works will not help in understanding the research to its full extent. - Be as descriptive as possible in the abstract. - Attach your source code/exploit/full paper along with the submission - nullcon is an open knowledge/research sharing platform and hence product/company marketing and pitches will be rejected. We request you not to submit any product specific talk. Important Dates ============ CFP Opens: 6th Aug 2014 1st round of Speaker list Online: 6th Sept 2014 CFP Closing Date: 1st Nov 2014 Final speakers List online: 6th Nov 2014 Detailed Paper submission by selected speakers: 6th Jan 2015 Training Dates: 4th-5th Feb 2015 Conference Dates: 6th-7th Feb 2015 Review ====== We have an external review panel that scores the papers and based on the scoring we take a call on acceptance of papers. Speaker Benefits ============= For the New Research and Desi Jugaad Category ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Travel Reimbursement (Either actuals or the below mentioned amounts, whichever is less) - International Speaker (USD 1000) - National Speaker (INR 7000) Complimentary Accommodation for 3 nights. Complimentary VIP conference pass. Invitation to speaker party. Invitation to Mehfil-E-Mausiqi (networking cocktail). For the Current Research and Tool Category ---------------------------------------------------------------- Complimentary shared accommodation near the venue for 2 nights. Complimentary VIP conference pass. Invitation to speaker party. Invitation to Mehfil-E-Mausiqi (networking cocktail) Terms ===== * Only one speaker will be eligible for the benefits in case there are two or more speakers for a talk. ** By submitting a paper and agreeing to talk at nullcon you give Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. the right to post, publish, re-distribute online and offline, soft and/or hard copies of your presentation material including slides, source code, detailed paper and the recorded video of the presentation and you. Regards, nullcon Team
  13. File Name: BinRev Magazine 2.1 File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 01 May 2014 File Category: BR Magazine The third issue of BinRev magazine. Before now, DDP members had been responsibly for writing most of the articles with a few of our regular supporters and good friends writing as well. At this stage, we really tried to push for more content from outside submissions. This is sadly what had always been a problem with the hacking community. Submissions and content providers are hard to find. Everyone wants to consume, but no one contributes. We were able to get some great stuff for this issue but it took a lot longer than I was expecting and it was the only issue that we released all year. That being said, it was yet another triumph artistically! Logan5 did an amazing cover which was completely his idea from the start. This cover was another work of art suitable for framing and one of my biggest regrets was with the final printed product. I just didn't have enough experience with printing to foresee that a wrap-around cover like the one used in this issue would cause the edges to crack when it was folded and stapled. I was heartbroken when the spine cracked on our nice card-stock covers because I felt like I was disrespecting his beautiful cover. Click here to download this file
  14. File Name: BinRev Magazine 1.2 File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 01 May 2014 File Category: BR Magazine Original Release Date: September 2003 The second issue of BinRev magazine was much improved in term of visual aspects and creativity. We set a general theme for each issue and we tried to keep the overall design and layout as well as the articles that we wrote around those type of topics. On that theme, logan5 had free reign to do what he wanted with the cover compared to my simplistic approach last issue. I was amazed at his creativity and still think that this cover is suitable for framing all by itself. The interiors were also amazing! I was a lot more hands-off on the design work in this issue because it was apparent that logan5 was infinitely better at that than me so I focused on layout and editing while he made the graphics match the articles and really bring the whole magazine to life. If the first issue was our proof of concept, this issue was our proof of our ability to really get it right. This issue and the following issues were the proudest things that I ever put out in all of BinRev history. Click here to download this file
  15. File Name: BinRev Magazine 1.1 File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 01 May 2014 File Category: BR Magazine Original Release Date: May 2003 The very first issue of BinRev magazine. We started numbering with Issue 1.1 as the official release. The goal was to number as "Year.Issue" so that we could always increment and release as many issues as we were able and have them in numeric sequence. We never released enough for this to make sense so the numbering system ended up looking strange to readers. This issue was very light-hearted and had some silly pictures and was a proof of concept to see if the interest was there. The article content was great and the formatting was a work-in-progress but we certainly got better with subsequent issues. Click here to download this file
  16. I've been looking for some exploits and ways to get into a unjailbroken iphone. I know theres a current cydia exploit that exists for metaploits, is there anyway to gain root access to a non jail broken iphone? Or would it be best to actually be within the lan network to do so? I've forward most major ports to the iphone to hopefully see if theres an exploit someone currently knows for iphone.
  17. Hello there , i need some help in mysql injection in mutillidae. In user-info.php at level 5 , iam not able to break the query. Path to the injection page is Owasp Top 10 > A1 sql injection > sqli extract data > user info then toggle security to level 5 Plz walk me through this injection. Thanks
  18. As I post this, most of you see the message at the top about how I am cleaning up posts from the linkz section. The original idea for the linkz section was to handle the large number of posts from members, many of them one time posters to spam their sites, that were simple links to their sites. We also wanted to have a place for people to post links to interesting ebay auctions or craigslist finds. It did a good job and kept the rest pf the forums pretty clean from that type of content in the early years. Now that we have grown larger, the amount of content is sufficient enough to send those type of posts down the post list pretty fast, thus rendering them less annoying. As we grew, there was actually a minor phenomenon that happened where some people were confused as to what the linkz section was for and where they should post some content. People started posting links to news articles that were hacking or phreaking related in the linkz section thinking that was the correct place for ALL links. Now this was a good thing that people were trying to follow the rules and post in appropriate areas, so obviously we never had any problems with that, but truth be told, a lot of those posts probably should have gone directly into the General Hacking section or the Old Skool Phreaking section instead. As I go through it, I also find some that I am moving into other parts of the forums like the graphics section and a lot of off-topic stuff. Since each thread has to be judged individually, I have to go through them one by one and decide what to do with them. That forum has around 2800 posts in it before I started. Now that we have an actual links module, I do not see the need anymore for having a linkz forum. But what do we do with all of that content? There are a lot of good links that are still valid and useful and a lot of great discussion on many of them. While there is a "mass move" function that I can use to just dump EVERY post into another forum of my choice, I do not want to use that since the topics are diverse and no single forum is a good place for all of them. Basically, I have to go through them one by one and decide 2 things. Whether the link is worth adding to our new links database. Where to move the thread itself. How do I decide what to save, you might wonder? Well, admittedly, it is just me using my best judgment, so please don't be offended if I skip a link that you think should have been in our new database. For the most part, I read each thread and decide whether the link is still active and valuable to keep on file. If so, I find the proper section of our links database to put it in and save it. Since the links database is just beginning, I am having to add sections as I see a need, so new categories are popping up all the time. Some I skip intentionally, some I just miss on accident. Many of the links are simply to news stories of some kind and there is not really a need to keep them in a database. They may still have valuable discussion and content however. This leads to step 2. I then decide what the thread is about and find another place in the forums to move it. If it is about hacking, I move it to GH. If it is about Phreaking, I move it to OSP. We have many forums that cover a lot of different topics and so far, I have found an appropriate place fore everything. If anything is questionable, I move it to off-topic. While I work through this, which may take months, you will see content disappearing from that forum and popping up elsewhere on the site. Since it is older, it will get shuffled in chronologically and you will not see them appearing at the top of any forums, don't worry about that. If you want to help out, what you can do is just add links to our links database. I am going through the linkz section, but if you have any links that you think deserve to stay in out database because they are good, ongoing, useful or fun sites, by all means submit them. To prevent SPAM, all links must be approved by moderators. Try to post them in the appropriate category, but a moderators may decide to move it if they think it is better served elsewhere. Don't worry, the links database is searchable. This is just one of many news apps that we are now offering on so keep checking back. You can subscribe to my blog to get announcements (and other assorted drama) on all things binrev and StankDawg in nature.
  19. As August closes and we move into September (my Birth month), I thought it was worth pointing out some really great threads that have been brought up in our forums. There is some interesting discussion on "the New York phantom exchanges" about some missing blocks of number from 212-394 and 212-955. Blue Box building is still around thanks to projectMF from our friend Phiber Optik. This and lots more is in the Old skool Phreaking forum. From the hacking side of things, I recently posted a new entry on the official DDP blawg about interesting things caught on MythBusters. There is also lots of great hacking discussion in the forums in general. All of these forums are OPEN and DO NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION! But if you do choose to register for the forums, you also get access to our registered members section with talk that is more focused on specific topics like hardware hacking, Retail Hacking, and our always excellent programming section. We also appreciate our artistic side here at binrev so registered member can participate in our photoshop contests or our desktop of the month threads in the graphics section. Right now, I am anxiously awaiting more submissions to the Hacker Magic Cards contest. The templates are provided, all you have to do is register to access these sections (which is free). We also have an off-topic general chat section where zaniness abounds. Everything from comics, to humor, to poetry to pr0n is shared in this section. If you are really into the Binary Revolution, you should consider donating 25 bucks to join our donors program. This will give you the ability to host your own blog here at (or get a nice link to your own blog from a high google-ranked site) along with extra gallery storage space and access to an awesome forum with exclusive content. Right now there are active threads on accounts that were harvested from disposable email accounts and shared with the group as well as much more. We have been picking up some steam after a long summer with lots of distractions and reorganization here at binrev. I am glad to see that we are on the right track and I look forward to seeing the news threads in the forums every day. I hope you feel the same!
  20. I was watching Attack Of the Show this weekend on my DVR and during the "Around the net" section, after showing a live web site tool, they minimized the browser quickly before the director has changed the camera. This allowed a 1 second glimpse of the desktop of that machine and I paused it to find some interesting things. The obvious thing that I noticed was that the computer was running (surprise!) Microsoft Windows. This was assumed.