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  1. Well Guys I got it all resolved. I went to this forum called geeks to go and they guided me step by step through the process. It's absolutely amazing. Here's the link to the topic if you wanna see how they did it.
  2. I would do a system restore however i just recently installed a game and gave the CD back to my freind. Is there a way keep that particluar file immune to any restore?
  3. Thanks fer all your guys's help. I'll give it a try.
  4. Well I got this thing that it a very blatant spyware application in my systems try. But if i click it then it'll send me to this site... picpopup4.bmp As well as that I get vaious pop-ups when i'm browsing the internet... picpopup2.bmp So i've tried all these programs... they are all updated the the latest they can be... they have found a lot of other things but not this particular spyware... antispyware_used.bmp Another diffculty is I cannot fathom what this program is called... I cannot seem to identify it. picpopup5.bmp Not only that but it seems every couple of minutes this annoying thing comes up and says I need spy ware removal crap or something... but thats a bit of a contradiction since the damn thing is one! picpopup3.bmp Well I think thats about as much as I can explain it. I'll be willing to give more details if you got questions. I'd really appreciate any help...
  5. I tried the Tor/Privoxy today and I just cannot seem to get a connection through at all, i've been messing around with the ports too and its aint going through. The school dosn't even use the windows firewall on there also so i'm guessing there pretty confident on whatever there using. I'm not sure if it's sonicwall or something else... I need to find out though... Tacoma Public Schools btw. If you can help me out at all. I'll keep you updated on things i try to do..
  6. Hi i'm new, i'm here to learn and contribute what I know.