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  1. Whenever i go to install backtrack from CD to my hdd or just run it live cd it won't work. It comes up with a messege asking for the isolinux file. When i checked the root directory of the iso's contents i saw that i had two folders and no autorun.inf in the root or in either folders. Here's a pic of the iso directory if u wish to see it: Oh yeah im tryin to run it live cd on a windows xp hdd and install it to a no o/s hdd.
  2. First time here, seems nice so i'll ask my question. Alright When am i on my network i try to connect to my other computer using the following (dos) command: net use \\computer_name\ipc$ /u:account_name However the computer has a hostname and a computer name but no user name. with the computer_name i use the name of computer (obviously) but with the account name i'm a bit confused. I'm assuming its the user name. But what if the pc i'm trying to access has not network username? Do i use the network username or the username of their Windows XP on the pc? Oh and what if it doesn't have a Comp Name? What do i input then? I hope my question is worth answering. Thanks.
  3. Here's what i've got going so far... My Desktop's local ip is my Laptop is when i run Angry IP Scanner it detects my desktops ip and (im guessing) my router ( but displays the routers hostname as N/A. and doesn't display my laptop as a result at all. But they're all connected on same network. What exactly is going on here that i can fix so i can access my laptop from my pc?
  4. My neighbor isn't very smart. He has FIOS and decided not to protect his network with a password or anything. So i'm here connected to his internet wifi and i'm also connected to my (comcast cable) wired. Is there any way i can configure my browser (or some windows settings) to let me dl from both Services or have it so one browser dls from Wifi (such as FF) and the other (such as IE or Opera) dls from wired? Thanks for any help!
  5. i know you want to do some leet h4xing! Get BackTrack! Currently im using Ubuntu as my first linux os. But i have another hdd that i will be installing BackTrack Onto. Unfortunately i'm sure you don't have that luxury. Can't you just install Windows XP (ripped version) and partition and run something like BackTrack as well? If you're a first-time linux user like myself, be afraid. Be afraid of all the damn choices and configuration! It will get overwhelming.
  6. This is for linux right? I'm running windows. (but i have an hdd with ubuntu, but im not at all expieranced with linux).
  7. I can't seem to get my sound to work for my linux. Here's my pc info: O/S: ubuntu linux Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy I've been searchin the net for some drivers for my sound blaster for linux but i think i'm doing something wrong. Sorry i'm new to linux.
  8. Let's say that i want to bypass my school/work login requirements for access to the internet. Well... let me paint a picture for you first. You are on the computer, let's say youre already logged in. You want to access the internet through FF, Opera, Netscape, or IE but each one ask for a user and pass on popup once u open the browser. To boot it also has a content filter which keeps me from viewing sites. Is there a way to create a network account or anything like that (assuming i have no network login, but i do)?